Sewaholic Tofino Pants


Have you seen Tasia’s new Tofino pants pattern? You can imagine how thrilled I was when I was chosen to be one of the testers…I had tried before but never managed to be in the shortlist…I blamed it on the time difference…she usually sends the email when it’s night-time in Europe and by the time I see it other people have replied…I bet there are thousands of us on the list so it’s hard for her to choose.


The pattern was quite fast to make (thankfully because it came around Easter break when I was travelling)…Unfortunately I didn’t have time for the piping…so I opted for flat bias binding instead. What’s neat about Tofino pattern is that Tasia gives you the pattern piece for the bias binding…so you don’t have to draw lines yourself. And the process is much faster. I didn’t make my own bias binding though as I had just been given a roll!

The polkadot fabric was originally meant for a Julia Roberts horse race dress (from Pretty Woman)…but it was perfect for pajama pants and it was in my stash so…I guess I can still wear the pants to the races right? They are very stylish! I actually have some left and I should be able to make a sleeveless top out of it.

Julia Roberts Horse Races Dress

The pants are very comfy and I have been using them regularly. They are wider than my usual lounge pants but I could slim them the next pair down.

Will you be joining Karen’s Pajama Party sew-along? It’s starting on June 3.

Thanks for all the comments on my La Mia Boutique giveaway. You have until Friday 31 to enter if you like.


10 thoughts on “Sewaholic Tofino Pants

  1. Ooh very snazzy! I especially like the blue bias and brown polka dot combination. I’m making some lounge pants at the moment too, but I fear they won’t be as fancy as yours


  2. Oh help. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of this pattern because I already have one for Pjs. But I love the side panel and detailing options….

    These are gorgeous and I can imagine how thrilled you were to test them!


  3. These are very cute lounging pants. My sewing partner and I were just talking about finding a great pair of pajama/lounging pants this morning. I will have to forward her this pattern. Great job!


  4. Te han quedado geniales!!!! La tela le va muy bien a los pantalones pijama…pero me hubiera encantado verte con el vestido de Julia Roberts!!!


  5. Una lástima que sólo los puedas llevar por casa porque son muy bonitos, me gusta mucho la combinación de colores, el bies azul le da el toque perfecto.


  6. I love how you manage to look glamorous even in PJs! These are divine. I’m trying to join in the party but desperately need summer dresses as the sun has come out here and the wardrobe is very bare of summer clothes! I need more time….


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