La Mia Boutique 05/2013 Review and Giveaway

Normally I don’t do magazine reviews on my blog as there are so many great ones out there (Anna at Paunnet or Melissa at Fehr Trade for example)
But this time I had to make an exception!

This is the second La mia boutique issue I ever bought in the three years I have been living in Italy…Given that La mia boutique is the only fully Italian sewing magazine for garments and that you can find it everywhere…you can understand why it is quite an event!
Why don’t I buy it?…you may be wondering… Normally it’s the patterns they offer. The designs are either not my style at all, they seem complex or look cheap or a combination of these*

Another problem I have with LMB is their photography, make-up and hairstyles…you can see why in some of the photos below…

Despite all my reservations…this time I think they nailed the issue. They have a ‘Grace Kelly series’ I absolutely love. I guess I was born in the wrong decade!

A princess seam bodice with a pintuck skirt…and I love the fabric too!


La mia boutique May 2013 3


The right-hand jacket is lovely. The structured neckline is fabulous. The dress to the left is made of organza and has a underdress/slip… so you can combine the two patterns or make them separately.

La mia boutique May 2013 organza


Though I find the bag print and the dress don’t go well together and I would personally not wear a coat and a dress in the same print… the patterns they are actually very nice.

La mia boutique May 2013

Below is an article on how to be like Grace…basically they create 5 outfits from RTW items. I adore dress 2 that you can buy for a mere (!) 1,550 euros (1312 GBP or 1194 USD) from Noni-mode or make yourself by drafting your own pattern… I wonder which one I will go for 😉

Grace outfits


Next up are the Plus size patterns. I find them very stylish…though I probably would not make a see-through blouse…but you can simply use the pattern and choose a different fabric right?

La mia boutique May 2013 Plus

The photo below is from a what they call an Ethnical series…with inspiration from Japan, Spain and India…ok if you go beyond the setup (I don’t quite understand what the model is doing on that green stand….and what that has to do with Japan), the styling, the makeup….you will find a quite nice cowl top (number 16 in the drawing)… What I like about it is that the front is cut below the bust thus saving you from having to place the full front on the bias…and allowing you to easily combine colors and prints…or add embellishments, piping….you name it!

La Mia boutique May 2013 16

This is the full pattern list…as you can see there are also two bags, some kids pattern and a couple of men patterns including an evening tailcoat for any upcoming State dinner we may have 😉

La mia boutique May 2013 patterns


To mark this exceptionally good La mia boutique issue I am giving away one copy of MAY 2013 issue to a lucky winner.

To enter leave a comment below and tell me which pattern you like best from the issue.

The giveaway is open until Friday, May 31 and anyone, anywhere is welcome to join in.


If you wish to buy you can find it online from Newsstand or Speedimpex or Abbonatiweb (currently they only have the Italian price). Subscriptions are 118 Euros in Europe, 155 Euros in Africa, Americas, Asia, 198 Euros in Australia and New Zealand.

As for subscriptions, I would like to mention there was an issue last year and they skipped issues in December 2012 and January 2013. Though apparently all subscriptions were extended accordingly, the communication was really poor (only in Italian and only on Facebook). I thought I should mention this.

Should you need an occasional issue, I could help you out (e.g. buy it from the newsstand and send it)


*Disclaimer: if you like LMB this is not a judgement to you by any means. I apologize if my words sound too harsh.

65 thoughts on “La Mia Boutique 05/2013 Review and Giveaway

  1. I love the first dress in the post, but would go for the little jacket in grey which is paired with it, for its tie fastening and collar detail. Fantastic giveaway, LMB is so hard to come by.


  2. I really love the first dress you posted as well as the plus size sailor pants. Thanks so much for giving away a copy!


  3. I’ve never read this magazine before but this issue looks like it has some great patterns in it!

    I am actually planning a trip to Italy in October – Naples/Rome/Bologna/Venice/Verona and Milan (at this stage). If you have any sewing suggestions I would be all ears. I love the thought of buying fabric as a memento rather than t-shirts or post cards 🙂


  4. This really is an exceptional issue. I love dress 8 and 20, but I really need a couple of new jackets, and there are quite a few lovely ones from which to choose in this issue. I do like the silver jacket pictured above, but I’d like to see a picture of the princess seamed ones before making my final decision, especially since they look like they would be relatively easy to sew Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.


  5. I’ve never seen this magazine, so thank you for this give-away!
    Oh, it’s hard to choose one favorite. I like dresses 8 and 20, but I’m going to choose the #4 jacket as my favorite.


  6. The only sewing magazine that I can find is Burda Style. It would be interesting to have a look at another one! Thank you.


  7. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog.
    I love the princess seam bodice dress with pintuck skirt.
    Thanks for the chance to win this issue.


  8. The pattern images are so tiny! The men’s patterns look interesting – I’ve been looking for some good menswear patterns, but they’re hard to find.


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