Denim a-line skirt

Denim skirt

If you read my Upcoming challenges post you may wonder where this skirt comes from…and you would be totally right.

I did not plan to make it…except I was planning to make an a-line skirt and realised none of the previously drafted patterns were dartless. So, I drafted a new one from scratch….and used this cheap denim I had in my stash since last year (remember my jeans?)

Denim skirt
To draft the skirt I used the slash and spread method…but I must admit it makes the skirt too flared for this type of fabric that was cut on the straight of grain.

Since then I became obsessed with removing darts and found several other methods…that I will list here because I know that deep down you always wanted to know too 😉
Laura Marsh’s technique: never seen before. Must read
Carolyn’s technique: great for lace
Another view on slashing and spreading

Denim skirt - zipper
For the zipper I used the technique Nancy Zieman explains in Sewing A-Z. The woman knows her stuff!

By the way, if you are interested in sewing techniques, you should follow my Pinterest board (yes, I am back using it after they changed their T&Cs)…and if you have any to share, let me know…I am a bit of a geek like that.

Wishing you a great week

6 thoughts on “Denim a-line skirt

  1. Silvia it looks so cute on you! It may be a bit more A-Line than you expected because of the fabric but it honestly looks great and you can never go wrong with denim – well done!


  2. I’ve a feeling this skirt will get lots of wear. I live in my denim skirt and, like jeans, they just get softer and more comfortable with wear. Gorgeous.


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