Upcoming challenges

Some of you may already be busy with Christmas crafting…as for me…I decided not to stress on that. I will only be making a circle scarf for my mom. Instead in the coming weeks I’ll be joining two sew-alongs and making up a skirt….or hopefully two.

Trousers Fit-n-Sew along

MariaDenmark Because we all need a pair of well fitted trousers…Maria from Denmark has recently ventured into a full-time sewing business and released her new trousers pattern. So she decided to organise something very exciting…not just a sew-along but a fit-n-sew along…where she will explain the tricks to get the perfect fit.

I am really excited because fitting is one of my favorite sewing topics…and I got to test Maria’s pattern so I can’t wait to get the perfect fit. So, if you always wanted to venture in the trousers world I’d love to have you join me next week…her patterns are available as pdf so instantly downloadable (hint, hint ;o)

By the way, did you see there are two new Craftsy classes by Sandra Betzina on Pants? I recently followed the Pants fitting Techniques class and used Maria’s pattern for the class…as after over a month I am yet to receive the ‘official’ pattern that came with the class. The class has a lot of tips on how to improve your pants fit…it’s very well taught in my opinion. The only drawback is that it focuses more on widening pants than taking them in. For example, the gaposis fix so nicely explained by Emilie from Jalie was hardly touched upon. Though I understand pants fitting is a huge topic and it’s hard to cover everybody’s needs…and I still love Craftsy!

Pimp-My-Pencil-Skirt Draft and Sew-Along

Then I’d be joining Marina from Frabjous Couture who’s also a regular Burdastyle contributor and recently part of Mood Sewing Network in a draftalong to make this great skirt

Have I tempted you to join me on this one?

Question to you: do you think the flare would be too much on a short 5.3 (160 cm) woman like me…especially since I am not the proud owner of long skinny legs?

Herringbone skirt

I recently cracked for this orange herringbone skirt…and started to look all over the web for a similar fabric…which I eventually found together with a lovely new UK-based online fabric shop: Clothspot

So, I would like to make an A-line skirt with my new orange herringbone wool

Copy your favorite skirt

Finally…because I am very ambitious (sure! right!) or rather because I have been planning this project since the summer ;o)

I want to copy this H&M skirt using the techniques explained in Jean-ius. I signed up for the class back in February and I am yet to follow it!

Ok…now I have said it all!

Do you think I will make it?

I’d better go and get started…the clock is ticking 🙂

7 thoughts on “Upcoming challenges

  1. Oh, Silvia! I want to participate in everything. The pants fitting seew along looks fantastic, as I don´t know the first thing about fitting.
    The skirt with the flare is awesome, I want it!


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