Shop the New York Garment District

Back in May I was in NYC…and you may just guess what was the must-see attraction on my tour route…the fantabulous New York Garment District

This is a short review in pictures of what I did and saw…in case you are planning a visit at some point (right Inna?)

Long before I left home I had studied the article on Burdastyle and especially Shop the Garment district: there you have all you need for your excursion.

Inside Mood Fabrics

The day itself I got ready with the following: most confortable shoes and clothes I had, a backpack for my shopping, map and above info, shopping list (not to get overwhelmed) and my camera to take pictures I planned to visit. Unfortunately I also had to carry my umbrella… it was pouring (so sorry for the poor shots)

How much time do you need? I only had half a day. My recommendation is to dedicate a full day otherwise you’ll keep on looking at the watch and get stressed.

Let me warn you…though you are super excited (I was) and you try and focus on your shopping list, looking at so many stores with so much fabric and notions gets overwhelming.

Notions – Inside Pacific Trimming

I couldn’t help getting sidetracked by looking at sheer amount of stuff I didn’t need but I was amazed to see, e.g. zipper and trims

Where did I go? My first stop was at Mood. There I spent most of my time. The place is amazing (though tucked away inside a building that I missed the first time). They have all sorts of fabrics and notions. You may have to wait a bit to get served but people are nice. There I got the fabric I used on my Crepe, some petersham ribbon, fold over elastic and beeswax. They even had wax paper but it was rolled and too big to carry for me (should have thought I could fold it)

Steinlauf & Stoller, Fabrics for Less

After Mood I went up and down to the other shops like Pacific Trimming, Paron Fabric, Steinlauf & Stoller and eventually ended my excursion at M&J Trimming (loved all their ribbons). Depending on whether you are looking for a bargain or you need something exclusive in two blocks you have it all. It’s really a dream come true.

You may be surprised to hear that I didn’t buy anything else. It’s not because I didn’t like what I saw but because I felt I didn’t need all those things for any specific purpose. I guess I was just a bit overwhelmed and towards the end I was getting tired (the rainy day got a bit to me).

My overall impression: NYC is great. I was really inspired but also overwhelmed towards the end. I wish I could go there more often and visit the Garment Distric stores at a leisurely pace, e.g. two or three days. And maybe have a nice lunch, then visit Burdastyle headquarters or possibly take the Garment District Tour Meg is organising…I saw she has one is in November and one in March

Have I tempted you yet? I was certainly itching to get home and start sewing.

6 thoughts on “Shop the New York Garment District

  1. Good idea to go with the list: I should start making it asap! In fabric shops, I can buy fabric compulsively and totally loose my head. Ohhh it’s spinning already just looking at your photos!!!!


  2. Wow, yes I am tempted! I have never had the crazy desire to go to America yet, I am more of an asia girl myself, but oooh this looks amazing. I am going to Japan at the end of the year and can’t wait to go to Tokyo’s fabric district ^__^! hope you had fun!


  3. New York is on our “to visit, someday” list and The Husband knows that on one day of our visit we are going to go to the garment district and play “Project Runway”. And I probably won’t be as restrained in my purchases, but he’s a big strong chap and always carries my bags.


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