WIP: Couture dress – Lavori in corso: vestito tecnica sartoriale

You have probably heard about Craftsy and their online courses…and you may also have become an addict like myself (as if I needed another excuse to sew!)

Forse avete sentito parlare di Craftsy e i loro corsi online… e forse vi siete iscritte e non potete farne a meno (come se fosse necessaria un’altra scusa per cucire)

I had been eying their classes for sometime…but when I saw the Couture Dress I just could not resist.

Avevo guardato i corsi da tempo…ma quando ho visto il corso di cucito con tecniche sartoriali non ho resistito.

I know I said I would concentrate on simpler projects after my coat, but I could not pass on this opportunity to learn something that intrigued me so much.

Lo so che mi ero ripromessa di cucire cose piu’ semplici dopo il cappotto, ma non volevo perdere l’occasione per imparare delle tecniche che mi sono sempre sembrate interessantissime.

So, forget the placemats and on to serious business…which is what I have been doing for weeks now.

Quindi basta tovagliette…e’ ora di andare sul serio…ed e’ quello che ho fatto nelle ultime settimane.

I discovered the beauty of silk organza.

Ho scoperto il fascino dell’organza di seta.

Cutting Fashion Fabric

Taking my time with three fittings to perfect the sleeve design. You will tell if they turned out ok.

Fare tre prove per perfezionare il modello delle maniche. Giudicherete voi se ci sono riuscita

Joining the fashion fabric to the organza by hand.

Cucire la stoffa all’organza a mano.

Hand-basting the pieces together.

Imbastire tutti i pezzi a mano.

Remembering I actually wanted to make a lace midriff.

Ricordarmi che in realta’ volevo aggiungere del pizzo al corpino.

Lace Midriff

Taking seams apart and back together.

Scucire e ricucire i pezzi.

And now catch stitching all the seam allowances…of course by hand 😮

Ed ora cucire i margini con punti nascosti…ovviamente a mano 😮

Which is why this post will be quite short…I have to make the most out of my evening and sew some more with TV in the background!

Ed e’ per questo che questo post sara’ breve… devo ottimizzare i tempi e cucire ancora un po’ con la TV di sottofondo!

What are you up to? What is your sewing background?

E voi cosa state facendo? Quale sottofondo scegliete per il cucito?

3 thoughts on “WIP: Couture dress – Lavori in corso: vestito tecnica sartoriale

  1. Love the idea of lace midriff and curious to see your dress all put together! So far how many hours/days have you been working on the project?

    This weekend I will be working on pencil skirt and cloche hat. I like to accompany my work with the music but also listen to the sounds coming form outside the window: birds, wind, human noises.


  2. Good for you for starting a really a challenging project. I love and try to do quick projects but somehow always find myself tackling the hardest ones!


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished dress — the lace detail is intriguing! Also, your kitchen is so beautiful — such a modern look that is enhanced by your linen mats.


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