A Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto

Today I got a really nice surprise in the mail…all the way from Australia.

Oggi ho trovato una bella sorpresa nella posta… niente meno che dall’Australia

I am so excited because:

1. I’ve never received any post from Australia

2. It’s a Japanese pattern book

3. It was a gift

So it gave a positive note to my week which has otherwise been not so great since I caught a nasty flu.

Sono davvero felicissima per vari motivi:

1. Non ho mai ricevuto pacchetti dall’Australia

2. E’ un libro di modelli giapponesi

3. E’ un regalo
Cosi’ la mia settimana ha preso una piega decisamente migliore visto che mi sono beccata una bella influenza.

I have to thank Rin, from Sew in Love, who kindly offered A Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto as an awesome giveaway through her blog. If like me you are fascinated by Japanese couture her blog is very nice. She is originally from Japan but leaves in Australia…I love the international flair the sewing community brings.

Rin has also done a very thorough review of this book, so check it out to see the other patterns on the book.

The first one I would like to work on is certainly this awesome blouse.

Devo ringraziare Rin, di Sew in Love per aver offerto A Feminine Wardrobe (Un guardaroba femminile) di Jinko Matsumoto in regalo sul suo blog. Se siete affascinate dai modelli giapponesi vi consiglio di seguire il blog di Rin. E’ giapponese ma vive in Australia… adoro l’internazionalita’ che si respira nella comunita’ del cucito.

Rin ha fatto una recensione del libro, potete dargli un’occhiata e vedere gli altri modelli del libro.

Io vorrei provare a cucire questa bellissima camicia.

Apparently you can even wear it backwards so the bow is on the back. The only slight challenge (!) for me will be to overcome the fear of Japanese text I can’t read, and focus on the design and pattern so to assemble it correctly.

Do you have any experience with Japanese patterns? Any tips you can share?

Sembra che si possa indossare anche a rovescio. L’unico problemino (!) sara’ andare oltre il testo giapponese che non capisco e concentrarmi sul disegno e sul modello per cucirlo correttamente.

Avete esperienza con modelli giapponesi? Avete qualche consiglio?



8 thoughts on “A Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto

  1. How exciting! I’ve been ogling Carolyn’s creations made from Japanese pattern books for quite a while. They really are different and so cute! Have fun and good luck with your new book!


  2. Isn’t it the best getting packages from far away places? I must confess I love the good old fashion mail system 🙂 I’ve never worked with Japanese books but I do know they don’t usually include seam allowances so you may need to add those to the patterns. That blouse you want to make looks stunning!


  3. Looks like a fun book!
    With your sewing experience, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble after studying the diagrams. The biggest help for me was figuring out the characters for “front”, “back”, “center front”, and “center back”, etc. so I could make sense of the pattern pieces. And then looking at the pattern markings to see if a dotted line is used for a fold line, for example. These books tend to be really well illustrated, which is sometimes better for me than written instructions!


  4. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more beautiful clothing from you soon! Congratulations on your win!

    Sorry to hear about the flu you caught. Fingers crossed we don’t get it here. Last year we were lucky to miss it again.


  5. Ciao Silvia!

    I live in Japan and have lots of Japanese sewing books in my library. When I moved here 2 years ago I could not read any Japanese. But even though the patterns are pretty straight forward, I wanted to learn Japanese sewing vocabulary. I came across these websites with translation of some sewing terminology

    Click to access japanese_pattern_help_2007.pdf


    Also, please dont hesitate to let me know whether you need more help in Japanese sewing books or language advise.


  6. My daughter bought me your book…feminine wardrobe….so that I can sew for her. I received the book and copied the patterns. However I am unable to find the pattern pieces for G2…the pieces for the front and back, the sash and the facing. Am I reading the pattern wrong? I sure could use your help. Thank you and God bless, Jacki-joan Shannon


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