Ice Cream Top

Summer is here…so is the heat wave…this calls for extreme measures:
L’estate è arrivata… e anche il caldo… quindi ho dovuto prendere misure drastiche:

Get out, put on the new Ice Cream Top and walk down the street on a mission…
Uscire, metter su il nuovo Ice Cream Top e scendere in strada per una missione…

Get ice cream fast!!!
Comprare urgentemente un gelato!!!

If you’ve been to Italy before you know that ice cream is everywhere and it’s such a ritual that you will soon end up following the locals and eat loads of ice-cream…

Se siete mai state in Italia saprete che ci sono gelaterie ovunque. Mangiare il gelato è una tradizione… e dopo un po’ finite anche voi a fare come la gente del posto e mangiare quantità industriali di gelato…

Choosing your favorite flavor and the best place often takes several tries…but that’s a great excuse when you love ice-cream

Scegliere i gusti e la gelateria che preferite richiede vari tentativi… ma è una scusa fantastica se vi piace il gelato

Shall we get in?
Che ne dite, entriamo?

Loads of fantastic flavors to choose from… it took me 10 minutes to make up my mind…
Gusti a non finire, è difficile scegliere… ci ho messo 10 minuti almeno…

So, while you figure out what I chose in the end… I can share some details on the Ice Cream Top 😮
Quindi, mentre cercate di indovinare cosa ho scelto alla fine… vi do qualche dettaglio sull’Ice Cream Top 😮

  • You might recognize the fabric from the Asymmetrical skirt
  • Forse riconoscete la stoffa della Gonna Asimmetrica
  • The pattern is self-drafted and I was inspired by Tortilla Girl
  • Ho realizzato il modello da sola a partire da quello di Tortilla Girl

  • I put the invisible zipper on the wrong side..oops
  • Ho cucito la lampo invisibile dal lato sbagliato…oops
  • And realized I should have used elastic to make the ruffle stiffer
  • E mi sono resa conto alla fine che avrei dovuto usare l’elastico all’interno della rouche

After loads of mumbling here are my flavors…fig and dark chocolate!
Dopo una lunga riflessione ecco i gusti… fico e cioccolato fondente!

As you can see I was very eager to eat it all…I told you I am a real foodie!

Come vedete non vedevo l’ora di mangiarmi il gelato…Vi ho detto che sono una vera buongustaia!

And yes… I did finish it all…Here is the evidence!
Eh, sì… L’ho finito proprio tutto… Ho le prove!

Would you like one too???
Ne volete uno anche voi???

How has your week been so far? Hot where you are?
Come è andata la settimana per voi? Fa caldo?

Over here I have been working on a new blog logo, what do you think?
Io mi sono divertita a disegnare un nuovo logo per il blog, che ve ne pare?

13 thoughts on “Ice Cream Top

  1. Cute top, I like the ruffles! 🙂 Ah, Italian ice cream, a real treat! There are quite a few gelaterias around here that call themselves Italian, but they never taste the same! Although I do appreciate some of the “fancy” flavors that have cropped up, like lime&basil or strawberry-mint. Sadly, we’re not having ice-cream weather in Berlin right now. The forecast is 16°C for tomorrow and 18-22° for the whole coming week. *pout*


  2. Such a cute top!!!

    Lately I watched “Eat, Pray, Love” and Under the Tuscan Sun” again, just so I could imagine being in Italy for real. I watch movies like those just for the scenery sometimes.

    It is hot here. Feels like over 100 degrees. No chance of rain. Hopefully we’ll get to spend a good amount of time in the water for this Fourth of July weekend!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend and keep on designing!


  3. Such a pretty top! I really like the ruffles.

    When I was in Italy, I ate something like 22 scoops of gelato in a week!


  4. Wow, that looks delicious (both the ice cream and the top!)… well done, and as always lovely pictures! I really like the new header/logo too. Not so hot here in Edinburgh, but thankful for what sun we get!


  5. Ooooh, I wish it was so hot here to make me long for a gelato! My feet are cold, though, and right now I dream about a homemade soup…:-)

    I like the color and crispness of your top! Very nice.

    A question: How hard do you find it to blog in two languages? I constantly think about it, but I actually did it only once, or twice. I actually don’t even remember….


  6. This top is absolutely adorable and one of my favourite colours. Is it cotton? And where is the zipper? At the back? I’m so impressed that you draft your own patterns… I’m a bit scared to take the plunge mostly because I have no clue how to get started.

    It finally felt like summer in Toronto this past weekend and your ice cream is making me want to take hop over to Little Italy for some gelato!

    Oh, and I like your new blog design. The textured fabric and the script look very chic!


  7. I know I sent you Flickr-love, but a great top! Wonderful color and great neckline. And boy, I wish I could join you for some Italian gelato!!


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