Scenes from an Italian wedding: part 2

Finally the dress for my friends’ wedding in Assisi!

In the end it’s very different from what I had initially planned as there were several hiccups along the way:

  1. I drafted the pattern and sewed a muslin of what I call the ‘romantic Amélie dress’…but it seemed too conservative for a day wedding ceremony.
  2. I promise to show you the actual dress in a few days…it’s actually wearable but I had to nickname it the “tablecloth dress” (you’ll see why!)
  3. I drafted the pattern of the long dress
  4. The suitable silk dupioni fabric for my long dress option was nowhere to be found (at least not without spending a fortune)
  5. I decided to use left-over fabric from my stash
  6. So…in the end I had to create the third dress pattern…with the help of my visionary instructor!
  7. And I made a hobo bag to go with it!

To make a long story short… I have a totally different dress and outfit and I am really happy about it!

On a sewing techie note

This dress showcases my first successful invisible zipper…How did I succeed???

Well, I bought the invisible zipper foot for my machine…after loads of frustration I made the only viable decision and invested on the tool that has given me a lot of joy!
I highly recommend an invisible zipper foot if you ever plan to sew invisible zippers. I tried several tutorials but in the end it only boiled down to having the right tool for the trade (no, the regular zipper foot didn’t work for me)!

Have you faced my same frustration with invisible zippers?

Behind the scenes on the wedding

As promised some more pictures on the wedding. As I told you yesterday the ceremony was beautiful and very moving for me. I am friends with the bride…her name is Antonella and she is a long time friend from when I lived in Brussels, Belgium.

She is one of the sweetest and positive persons I know…She is such a good friend that when she told me she’d move for work I was in tears.

…little would I know that years later that move would mean she’s find love. That’s why I was so happy to see her getting married. The venue was to die for: a simple yet imposing architecture.
And Antonella was very lucky to have her own uncle (who’s the priest in white) celebrate the wedding…it made the whole mass much more personal. She could barely contain her feelings…

I really wish Antonella and Alessandro a beautiful life together…they really deserve it.

5 thoughts on “Scenes from an Italian wedding: part 2

  1. Oh no for your dress woes, but your final dress looks so lovely! I’d love to hear how you put it together. I notice the print and wondered it those were seams or the print (where the stripes switch direction). And hooray for drafting!! What a beautiful wedding 🙂


  2. I like how the dress turned out and I love the little silk bag. 🙂 The wedding looks beautiful! I want to marry in Italy and have a big party/reception in an olive grove/big Italian garden afterwards… (No kidding, that has been my dream for ages!)


  3. Your dress is really classy! Congrats on inserting the invisible zipper. I’m convinced good tools are worth the investment.

    Your pictures make me want to return to Italy. I was there just this past fall, but can’t wait to go back. So beautiful.


  4. Beautiful pictures, lovely dress and I want a silk hobo-bag too! It’s kind of 1930’s’ey(my favourite era).
    Looking through your blog makes me want to go to Italy. Speaking of which, my colleague today offered us italian biscotti from a small bakery in a village in the mountains, that we dipped in sweet wine (such a good day at work). It was delicious!
    I have to go to italy…


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