Scenes from an Italian wedding

It’s already 12 days since my friend got married in Assisi, Italy. It’s been a beautiful ceremony with an exceptional organization. I thought to share some  details: weddings are one of those things that vary according to the country

  • We got there the day before the wedding and had some time to stroll around the hometown of St. Francis
  • We were welcomed with a drink and dinner were we got to meet all people invited to the wedding as well as the bride and groom
  • They organized was a parade with traditional Assisi flag wavers
  • There were impressive fireworks
  • The wedding ceremony was in Saint Peter’s church in Assisi with 3 flower girls and several witnesses (in Italy the are no bridesmaids and no dress matching to worry about)

  • The wedding reception was in a beautiful villa with swimming pool
  • The appetizers were served outside on a buffet…words cannot describe the gorgeous Italian food served.
  • There was a 4-course meal indoor.
  • Dessert buffet was served outside on the swimming pool were the newly weds also cut the cake.
  • The ceremony lasted from 11.30 am to after 6.30pm.

Tomorrow I will be sharing  my dress (which one have I made??? I am taking guesses) and accessories, the church inside and more pictures of the bride and groom. So, stay tuned for part 2.

What has been  the most memorable wedding you’ve been to and why? (well, of course also your own, if you like)

One thought on “Scenes from an Italian wedding

  1. Those pictures look so beautiful. I am jealous! The best wedding I went to was probably a few years ago in Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, Cornwall in the UK. It was July, really hot and the ceremony was in the castle tower, afterwards we went out onto the tower grass which looked over the sea. It was very windy but very beautiful. It was on a working day and my partner couldn’t come so I took our then three year old son. He proved to be a perfect wedding companion! The evening meal was in a big hotel in the town- the bride had organised a big craft table for the children and there was a lawn they all rolled down over and over while the adults drank wine and chatted.


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