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Sunset on Lake Maggiore
My two ongoing projects are not finished yet (I struggled with the waistband so didn’t have time to get on with my sheath dress) , so I thought of sharing this sunset picture I took on Sunday evening after the movies. I was on the ferry with my car (they are big enough to hold about 15) on the front line and this beautiful sunset appeared before my eyes. The picture taken with my cell phone doesn’t capture fully the beauty of the Alps between Italy and Switzerland and lake Maggiore, but I can guarantee it was uplifting, relaxing and just plain gorgeous. It’s when I see this nature around me that I am glad I am now living in this place.

What is the special view (nature, monuments, people, anything) around where you live?

I wish you a relaxing week.

3 thoughts on “Weekend activity

  1. ciao, grazie per essere passata dal mio blog….molto bello il paesaggio…purtroppo dalla mia finestra si vedono solo case…per fortuna ho un bel terrazzo con tante piante!


  2. I really do miss living close to the mountains and Italy sometimes…
    Berlin is lovely and diverse though. I especially like walking/biking along the river Spree, because it beautifully combines people watching, monuments/sights and the river and parks along it.


  3. Lovely! I live in a city, but there is a a lot of opportunity to feel outdoors, though perhaps not as picturesque as that. But there’s something so peaceful about being near water, no? I always feel like my usual harried self slows down (says the island girl).

    Thought of you as I’ve been taking my pattern making classes, the instructor fit us into pre-made muslins and tweaked the muslin from there and sent us home with individual patterns. Sooo much easier than doing it from scratch and I’m so tempted to get a few of these blocks (bodice and pant, I think, would be the only super-crucial ones). Do you find it’s helpful to have basic patterns you return to again and again? The teacher said, once you’ve got the blocks, you’re likely better off designing from scratch rather than using patterns, what do you think?? 🙂


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