My own Grey Dress Burda 10.2009 no. 117

Here is finally the dress that has been giving me so many headaches, my own version Burda Dress 10.2009 no. 117.

As we all know making your own dresses is something not always easy… this dress is an example. After having spent one week working on it after work, I had to take it apart.

The cut below my chest was falling way too low.

The sleeves were too long.

Dress sketch (c) Burda

And I didn’t even like the kimono sleeves (see the drawing from Burda)

All I can tell you is that I wasn’t very happy with having to redo my work. But I stubbornly wanted to fix it somehow. So, I put my head down on the table and worked out a solution.

Another week has gone by and luckily for me when I took the pictures on Sunday it was a gorgeous day out.

It was one of those spring-like days that we managed to get in February over at the lake.

What do you think? I am still not 100% convinced about it, but I have dared to wear it in public :o)

Here is another shot taken inside my apartment so you can see the real fabric color and get a closer look at the lettuce edge hem (another variation on the pattern)

I won’t be doing any sewing for the rest of the week as I will be away, but hopefully I will manage to take some pictures of my first shirt ever.

Hope to meet you here next week.

Have a great week.

5 thoughts on “My own Grey Dress Burda 10.2009 no. 117

  1. Mi sembra che è venuto bene, il fiore li da un tocco di colore, molto carino!!!!:-)

    Con i modelli della burda ho sempre acuto problemi, per l’ultimo che ho pubblicato avevo usato uno e alla fine ho dovuto rifarlo da capo con il mio carta modello:-S


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