A new dress Burda 10/2009 117 and where to buy Burda fabrics

I was hoping to post my pictures on my current dress project taken from Burda issue 10/2009…, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned.
So, here is a preview picture directly from the Burda website

I was a bit disappointed with the initial result on this dress… I have put so much work on it that it was depressing to see how it fit me. I didn’t take any pictures because it would have been really embarrassing. So, I am now modifying it to fit me better… and hopefully I will show you the result during the week.
It’s really frustrasting when a dress doesn’t fit you like you would have hoped, but I guess it’s part of the game. So, today I am full of energy to work on it.

While looking online for a picture of this dress, I accidentally found out that a German online store sells fabric shown in Burda magazines. Prices are not always cheap but some of the fabrics seem to be very luxurious.
It’s called Alfatex. So if you ever wanted to buy fabric seen on Burda here is your chance. The website is partly translated in English.

Have a great Sunday!

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