Coffee Date Dress


Here is my version of the Coffee Date Dress. I really liked working on this pattern and the instructions were easy to follow. I particularly liked the details that allow you to line the bodice around the neck and arms.  The only headache was with putting together the shoulder seams… but if you have troubles like me… you can use this step by step visual tutorial from Grosgrain
. Many thanks to both Elaine and Kathleen Frances for their beautiful work (hopefully I will be able to put together a tutorial soon).

I didn’t have to make many adaptations to the pattern… I lenghtened the skirt and took in the back bodice and skirt seams to fit more snugly (I should have chosen a smaller size… but didn’t check it beforehand and went with my usual Burda size).

The fabric is cotton with a little stretch that I got from a thrift store…luckily I had bought loads… why? you might be asking yourself…. well, because right when I was doing the final dress ironing… I burned some of the fabric… so this week-long project… turned out to be a two-weeks’ endevour…. I made a second Coffee Date Dress, a clone… which was faster… but still I had some sizing issues… because I realized I am mathematically challenged…. I took in more than I should have because I didn’t think I was subtracting given inches by 4….

… so I decided that sewing should be listed as Engineering specialty…

Do you have any troubles with measurements and spatial placement, e.g. mirroring? Well I realize that sometimes I do… So, hopefully sewing will help me get better at this.

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  1. Aaah, the joys of mathematics… 😉 This looks very lovely. I’ve had the pattern on my hard drive for quite some time but haven’t had the chance to try it yet, so I’m looking forward to your tutorial.


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