Basic pants from sofa throw cover with Ikea fabric

Basic pants
Basic pants from sofa throw cover

Ikea is a great source for fabric… a few years ago I made a basic sofa throw cover with this red cotton you see here. Those were the times when I was renting a furnished apartment that had a sofa with a checkered fabric I didn’t like. So I decided to make my own throw cover on the cheap.

A few years later I bought my own sofa (still Ikea! must be an addiction) and no longer needed it… finally I found a good way to use it. I am very glad since I was missing a pair of red pants.

Basic pants
Basic pants button closure detail

The pattern is self-drafted using Cal Patch’s Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified.
You can read more about this pattern on my previous basic pants post. Here I didn’t add the pockets so the project was a bit faster. Now I am thinking to adapt the pattern again to make a pair of jeans…I am just debating on the closure… normally jeans have a front zipper… but what if I put one on the side… do you think it would look weird?

Basic pants
Basic pants hem detail


3 thoughts on “Basic pants from sofa throw cover with Ikea fabric

  1. Love those red pants! And as far as jeans with a side zipper, I don’t think it would look weird at all. I think it’d be so very retro and cool! I remember back (way way back) in my younger days (when my hips were more befitting for such) I used to own a pair of jeans with a zipper on the side, and I loved them. They were very similar to these red pants, in fact, with the flared legs and tighter at the top, and with a zipper where your buttons are. Seems like they might have even had some embroidery design on the flares. Yeah, can you tell my age by that description of period clothing?!? LOL! But, hey, all of that look is back and chic again, and you definitely have the figure for it, so I say go for it! (A side zipper on my body now? Ha, ha, no way!! The last thing I need is to add anything of bulk to THAT area!!! LOL!))


  2. I know I’ve already commented in Flickr — but I just wanted to add (in addition to its fabulousness) I would totally try it with denim and a side closure. My ruby shorts were a very lightweight denim with a button side closure, and I love them! And a side zip would work (I’d think)! I’ll be looking out for it 🙂


  3. These are perfection! Great skill in creating your own pattern and you wear them well. Such a fun colour! Go ahead and try it in denim and see what you come up with- if all else fails with the closure issue you can convert it to a skirt which is more forgiving. Great work.


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