Pinstripe pants – pattern ideas

This morning I was reading the post on Developing trousers ideas where Lauriana was asking suggestions for her pinstripe fabric. What caught my attention was the issues to consider when choosing this type of fabric and the negative connotation that this type of fabric brings to her mind and .
When I thought about her examples, I must say I totally agree with her. But at the same time I realized that I actually have a few pair of trousers in my summer wardrobe that are made with pinstripe fabric!!! And I have to admit that I never had negative feelings about them… except for the dark brown ones… when I wear them with the coordinating jacket I do think it’s a bit too many stripes
So I thought I would share some pictures. In case anyone else is struggling with this type of pinstripe problem and is looking for ideas.
I didn’t sew any of these pants… I bought them all, but if you wish to make any of them I could try to draw the pattern for you (they are all in size 38 EUR or 4 US)
If you wish to see some more pants, come back tomorrow… My first pair of Cal Patch’s basic pants for my summer essentials sew along is ready… and maybe they could be done with pinstripe fabric too.