Fabric choices for Summer essentials sew along

A couple of days ago I listed the projects I intended to do for my summer essentials sew along.

I tried to describe the fabrics I had in mind but thought a picture would show it far better than words.

So, here is the fabric choice. What do you think about it?

Fabric sample for A line dress

1. A-line dress
As mentioned in my last post, I got this fabric in Denmark. It’s a home-dec fabric, so a bit on the heavy side, but I loved the flowery and colorful pattern. It reminds me of 70s prints and a kind of print that I can only manage to find in Scandinavian countries.
Have you ever seen any similar fabric in a lighter weight in any shop? I would love to have some tips from you.

2. Two pairs of pants

Red cotton from Ikea
Red cotton from Ikea

One pair will be red cotton. I got this fabric ages ago from Ikea.

100% wool fabric for pants
100% wool fabric for pants

The other more dressy. I got this fantastic 100% wool fabric in Barcelona two weeks ago at this fabulous shop Ribes & Casals

The color seems to change if you look at the fabric in daylight or under fluorescent light. It ranges from light beige to brownish.

3. Short-sleeved shirt:

Light cotton for shirt with puff sleeves

I got this light cotton fabric at giesse scampoli which is a franchise fabric and haberdashery shop in Italy

And finally project number 4 will be a shirt refashion. I have these three shirts to work on…and I can’t decide which one to use… Any suggestions?
All shirts fabrics are on the heavier side, so not very thin.

Man shirts for refashion into top
Man shirts for refashion into top