Fabric stores in Italy – Negozi di Stoffa in Italia

On this page I will try to list fabric stores in main Italian cities. Perhaps you could buy some Italian fabric as souvenir of your trip.
Italy is the country of fashion fabric. Generally you won’t find much quilting cotton as in the US or in the UK, but you will have plenty of wool, shirting cotton, suitings and more.
I also have a specific page dedicated to online stores in Europe

In questa pagina troverete una lista di negozi di tessuti nelle principali città italiane e dei negozi di stoffa online.

Store opening hours

Stores in Italy generally open at 9.30 or 10 a.m and close at 7 or 7.30 p.m.
They generally close at lunch time between 12 and 3.30 pm . It is only in the city center that stores don´t break for lunch and generally it wouldn´t apply to fabric stores.
Some stores may be closed on Monday mornings or Saturdays afternoons.
Stores may be closed during the summer around August 15th (it´s a holiday in Italy)
The above is indicative as hours may vary from town to town.

Se cercate solo negozi che vendono online date un’occhiata alla mia lista di Negozi di stoffa online in Europa

Alessandria Barbera Tessuti Fabric Store / bargain remnants (Scampoli in Italian) Via Pontida, 7
Ph: 0131 232427
/ 0131 254635
Bergamo Albini High-Quality Shirtings via Partigiani
Albino – Bergamo
Bologna Mercatino dello scampolo Fabric Store, Renmants
Negozio di stoffe, scampoli
Via Gandusio 35 Visit Website
Bologna Cucilandia Quilting & Home Dec Fabric, sewing machines, notions, Simplicity patterns, Big Shot, Scan & cut
Stoffa Patchwork, macchine da cucire, merceria, cartamodelli Simplicity, Big Shot, Scan & Cut –
Via Carlo Jussi 71 – 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Website & Online shot
Negozio fisico e Online
Catania Tessuti Vinciguerra Via Manzoni 48
Cosenza Cucishop
Florence Casa dei Tessuti Fabric Store Via de’ Pecori 20-24r
Florence Bacci Tessuti Via dell’Ariento 32/r
Florence Passamaneria Toscana Fabric, Trims, Notions
Stoffe e Passamanerie
Piazza di SAN Lorenzo, 12/R
Florence Gori Tessuti Fabric Warehouse Via Vittorio Emanuele, 9
50041 Calenzano
Visit Website
Palermo Penelope tessuti
Pesaro Urbino Tessuti Cocci Fabric Store, Renmants
Negozio di stoffe, scampoli
Via Umberto I 42/A
61034 Fossombrone (PU)
Rome Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, n. 73 Visit website
View Map
Rome Azienda romana tessile Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via San Nicola de’ Cesarini, 13 (Largo Argentina) Visit website
Rome Fatucci Tessuti Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via dei Falegnami 63 You can find a review and photo on The Selfish Seamstress
Rome Valli Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via Del Tritone 126 Visit website
View Map
Rome La Casa Del Tessuto Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via Dello Statuto n. 64/66 Visit website
View Map
Rome Alfis Haberdashery – Notions stores (Merceria in Italian) Largo Ginnasi 6 Visit website
View Map
Rome Pancaldi Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Largo Argentina
Rome Paganini Fabric Store
Additional fabric stores can be found around via delle Botteghe Oscure
Negozio di stoffe ne trovate altri in via delle Botteghe Oscure
Via Aracoeli 21-23 / Via Botteghe Oscure 50-53 Visit website
View Map
Rome Diffusione Tessile 97 Fabric store
Negozio di stoffe
Via Mattia Battistini 175
Closest subway stop:
Metro A Battistini
Walking directions from Battistini station
Rome Diffusione Tessile 97 Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via Tiburtina, 1091 View Map
Rome La Fonte del Risparmio Store with Fabric department low prices
Negozio con settore Tessuti a prezzi convenienti
Via Monte San Savino, 10 zona Fidene
Rome Emporio dei Tessuti Fabric Store
You can also order online and get it shipped
Negozio di stoffe
Anche online
Via Emilio Cecchi, 53 Visit Facebook page
Manfredonia Arte e Moda Tessuti Fabric Store Via Gargano 3
Milan GloriaTex Both apparel and furnishing fabrics at good prices – Tessuti per abbigliamento e arredamento a costi contenuti Via Settembrini N°30 How to get there
Milan New Tess Outlet Fabric store selling fabrics from Clerici Tessuto.
Specializes in Bridal fabrics
L’outlet di Clerici Tessuto.
Specializzato in tessuti da sposa
Viale Certosa, 23 Facebook page
Milan Asnaghi Tessuti Wool, Linen, Silk, Lace and Cotton fabrics for apparel and home furnishings
Lane, lini, sete, pizzi e cotoni per abbigliamento e arredamento
Via Della Moscova 68 Website
Milan Tessuti e Scampoli Wide selection of bargain remnants (Scampoli in Italian) and regular fabric (Tessuti in Italian) Via Lario, 14
Closest Subway/Metro stop: Zara
Visit website
Milan Tessuti Raponi Fabric Store, remnants and haberdashery/notions
Negozio di stoffe, scampoli e merceria
Piazza Monte Titano 7
Closest Subway/Metro stop: Lambrate
Visit Website
Milan Il Vecchio Drappiere Fabric store specializing in vintage and men apparel fabric. Via Meravigli 16 Visit Website


Milan Valli Tessuti Couture Fabric Store. Higher end prices
Tessuti Alta Moda
Vicolo Giardino 1
(close to Via Manzoni 17 e 19)
Visit website
Milan Emmepi Tessuti Fabric Store
Stock Fabric
Negozio di stoffe e stock
Antonio Dugnani, 4
Closest Subway/Metro stop: Sant’Agostino
Visit website
Milan Gandini Tessuti Alta Moda Haute couture (Alta Moda in Italian) fabric at haute coutre prices.
Tessuti Alta Moda
Telephone 0039 02 760.086.41
Fax 0039 02 760.213.25
E-mail gandini@gandinitessuti.it
Visit Website
Milan Tintunita Wholesale, Stock Fabric
Via Gardone 11 English
Milan Fonte della Moda Via Melzo (entrance from via Malpighi) View Map
Mediglia (Milan) & Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona) Paolo Scampoli Apparel and furnishing fabrics
Also online store
Tessuti Abbigliamento e arredamento
Anche negozio online
Via Oriani 1
Medaglia (MI)
Via di Vittorio 5
Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona)
Naples Piazza Mercato Market Markets are possibly the best way to buy fabric in Naples.
Piazza Mercato Some info on markets is available at Napoli da vivere (in Italian)
Naples Mercatino di Antignano Market stalls
Located near piazza Medaglie d’Oro in Vomero area Some info on markets is available at Napoli da vivere (in Italian)
Naples Esposito Shirtings
Tessuti per camicie
Via Renovella, 16 –
(not far from the train station)
Visit Facebook Page
Naples Cucishop
Padua Supermercato del Tessuto Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via Galliano 17
Visit Website
Palermo Mercato Piazza Marina Market Market stalls selling linen on Saturdays and Sunday mornings. Piazza Marina
Salerno CM Tessuti Market stall
Stadio Vestuti market
Piazza Casalbore
Salerno Tessuti Gerardo Carpinelli Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via Piave Market
Salerno Cucitomania They mostly stock quilting cottons, generally imported from the US. Via Federico Wenner 83, Zona Ind/le di Fratte Visit Website
Salerno Linea Italiana Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Via del Carmine 100
Ph. 0039 089 233372
Sorrento Catapano Antonio Fabric Store
Negozio di stoffe
Corso Italia, 263 Map
Turin Antonietta Tessuti Fabric Store
Online Store
Negozio di stoffe anche online
v. Pianezza, 44
tel: 011 752244
mobile: +39 3347559201email: info@antoniettatessuti.com
Visit Website
Venice G. Benevento Fabric and Notions Via Strada Nova 3991/3945
Online Pincot Online Fabric Store – mainly quilting cottons
Tessuti patchwork
Online Supercut Online Fabric and Notions Store
Tessuti e merceria
Online Tessuti Online – Pronto Moda Tessuti Online Fabric and Notions Store – Order minimum 30 Euros
Tessuti e merceria – Ordine minimo 30 euro
Online Tessuti Online Fabric and Notions Store
Tessuti e merceria
Online La Fab Tessuti Online Fabric and Notions Store
Tessuti e merceria
Online Roberta De Marchi Online Fabric Store – mainly quilting and crochet supplies, notions and some books
Tessuti e forniture patchwork e uncinetto, merceria e libri
Online Tessuti Zanderino Online Fabric and Notions Store
Tessuti e merceria
Online Pinotti Online Fabric and Notions Store – Wide selection of couture supplies
Minimum order : Euro 29,00 excluding VAT and shipping.
Prices exclude VAT (23%).
Tessuti e merceria – ampia selezione prodotti sartoria.
Prezzi IVA esclusa.
Ordine minimo 29 Euro IVA e trasporto esclusi.
Via D. Scarlatti 9
Online Tessuti Store Online Fabric and Notions Store – Wide selection of couture supplies
Tessuti e merceria – ampia selezione prodotti sartoria.
Online Stiltex Group Online Apparel Fabric store
Tessuti abbigliamento
Online Twiggify Custom Fabric Printing
Tessuti stampati on demand Made in Italy
Online Custom Fabric Printing
Tessuti stampati on demand Made in Italy
Various Locations Filomania Fabric Store – mainly quilting and crochet supplies, notions and some books. Both brick&mortar and online store.
Tessuti e accessori patchwork e uncinetto, merceria e libri.
Sia negozio che online.
Visit online store
Various Locations Giesse Scampoli Fabric and Notions Store
Both brick&mortar and online store
Tessuti e merceria
Sia negozio che online
Visit online store
Wholesale Essebitex Wholesale/B2B Website
Wholesale Tessile Garment fabric
Wholesale Texingro Garment fabric Website

125 thoughts on “Fabric stores in Italy – Negozi di Stoffa in Italia

  1. Hi Silvia!!

    How are you doing? I am amazed with your in depth knowledge of fabric stores!! If not much trouble will you be able to help me with stores who keep 100% pure linen weaved in Italy which can be used for making baby stuffs and best if they can deliver to Switzerland even if not then also will need lead so that when I visit in October I can collect. Appreciate any help.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for reading my blog and for your kind words. You can try new tess (you need to register for pricing), lafab tessuti or possibly Allutex online. I’m not sure if what they sell is weaved in Italy but you can email them and ask. They normally could deliver to Switzerland.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks a lot for this information. yes I will definitely check from them and see what they have to offer. You are doing a great job!! More love and power to you


  2. Where can i get the best suiting fabrics by Meter or Yard in Milan. I am looking at Super 120-150’s for Suits . Are there any express tailoring shops for suits , which could be delivered in 2 days in MILAN. I would be more interested in fabric stores in Milan , Grateful if you may help.


  3. Hello Tanya,

    I am looking for quality Italian tull in white used for bridal veil, which shop so you recommend that sells online, I’m based in Latvia.



  4. Hello Tanya,

    I’m looking for a quality italian tulle used for bridal veil,which would be the best shop that sells to the public on line, I’m based in Latvia.



  5. Hi Silvia

    Perhaps you can help me. I am trying to find dancefabric in Italy – namely lycra 4 way stretch and other stretchfabrics- which stores and perhaps fabrics is the best to shop at? And what is the keywords in italy?

    Kind regards Kia


    1. Hi Kia, you can find some at lafab tessuti under their category ‘spettacolo’ as Lycra bi-stretch. Email them in English if unsure about your choice. Otherwise try rijkstextil, their website is in several languages and they ship to Italy. The links are on my blog page. Hope this helps


  6. Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks for your site! Can you recommend a store to purchase cross stitch – I think it’s called ‘punto croce’ here? I’m in Bettolle so close to Arezzo, Siena and Montepulciano. Grazie mille!


  7. hi, Silvia, really great job you did. I found Pinotti through your blog and really happy with this. Ordered some great stuff, beautiful fabrics, and high quality, even delivery to Malta – 2 days. Thanks to you really. Your collection looks simply lovely – keep on. If you ever need any advise or just a dressmaker help – I am happy to do this, I am a dressmaker with 35 years of experience, really busy with my job, and still enjoying…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I am really happy you liked Pinotti. I also had very good experience with them both online and at their store. I would be delighted if you could share your experience with me. Many thanks for your kind offer. Do you have an Instagram, Facebook account or blog?


      1. Hi!
        I`m going to stay in Milan (2 days) and Bologna (6 days) for a week, more precisely during 12.10-19.10.19. I’m very enthusiastic sewer so I would like to find nice fabric stores and sewing accessory shops, especially button shops in this area. I’ll rent a car there so it helps traveling around. I wolud like to sew nice clothes to mysellf. I would like to have fabrics ect. with good quality but not extremely high prices. What would you like to suggest? The shops can also be a littele bit outside Milan and Bologna.
        Best Regards, Marianne


      2. Hi Marianne, in Milan you could go to Emmepi tessuti and Tessuti e scampoli (here also good for notions and other supplies). In Bologna try Mercatino dello scampolo or get in touch with supercut.it There’s also Giesse Scampoli with several locations in Italy. Details are on this blog page. I hope you will enjoy your trip and find great fabric. I’d be happy to hear how it goes! Silvia


  8. hello Silvia, i need help, i am on your site for days now and i waned to ask you if you know some good online shop that sells silk?
    thank you for this post, it helped me alot.


      1. Thank you so much for reply 🙏🏼, I am looking for fabric in EU because of customs. I need silk for pillowcase so if you have more recommendations I would be happy to hear them. In Croatia we have very poor options for silk in fabric stores, most of stores have only chiffon and I’m looking for ‘raso di seta’ (i think that is silk satin)


  9. Hi Silvia! How amazing to share the same love for fabric ! I am from South Africa, going on a cruise this week from Barcelona. Would love to buy myself a piece of fabric in either Barcelona, Genoa, Palermo or Malta. Please advise- thank you in advance. Karlien x


    1. Hi Karlien, it sounds like an amazing cruise. My go-to place in Barcelona is Ribes y Casals near plaza urquinaona. Check out their sales section downstairs. There’s also another store right opposite. I am afraid I don’t know any stores in the other cities you’ll visit. Search for tessuti or stoffe and city name…you will likely find something. If you wish to share your finds I will be happy to add them. Have fun


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