Tap Shorts by Katy & Laney View A: beware of wrinkles!

I am not talking about my face wrinkles, of course!

If you missed their blog tour, Tap Shorts is the first pattern by Katy & Laney. From the moment I saw the pattern I was in love with view A… As I normally do, I tried to resist the temptation of buying them. Seeing new versions popping up didn’t make things easy (A denim version, a nautical version or just have a look at their Pinterest board)…and Kollabora’s sale gave me the final push. I cannot resist a sale and they know it!

Non sto parlando delle rughe sulla mia faccia, ovviamente! In inglese rughe si dice come pieghe!

Se avete perso il tour sui blog di Katy & Laney, Tap Shorts e’ il loro primo cartamodello. Dal primo momento che li ho visti, mi sono innamorata della versione A…Come sempre, ho cercato di resistere alla tentazione di comprarli. Vederne svariate versioni sui blog non ha reso le cose semplici (Una versione di jeansuna a rige o semplicemente la loro pagina su Pinterest)…e i saldi su Kollabora mi hanno dato l’ultima spinta necessaria. Non resisto ai saldi e lo sanno!

tap-shorts-k&l-frontI had this left-over linen in my stash from a failed men trousers experiment 4 years ago. I used up leftover interfacing and I just had to buy a zipper. I started out with a size 4 and I didn’t make a muslin.

Avevo del lino avanzato da un esperimento fallito di pantaloni da uomo ormai 4 anni fa. Ho usato rimasugli di teletta adesiva e ho solo dovuto comprare la lampo. Ho usato la taglia 4 e non ho ho fatto nessuna versione di prova.

tap-shorts-k&l-backPattern Modifications:

  • Took in the side seams by 0,5 cm (approximately 1/4 inch)
  • Took in the waistband at center back by 0,5 cm (approximately 1/4 inch) to match the modified side seams
  • Only hemmed the shorts by 1,2 cm (1/2 inch)
  • I used the back piece 1, i.e. without welt pockets.


  • The pattern instructions are very detailed and pose no problems
  • If you want they had also a sew-along

Modifiche al modello:

  • Ho ripreso le cuciture laterali di 0,5 cm 
  • Ho ripreso il cinturino sul centro dietro di 0,5 cm per far combaciare le nuove misure
  • Ho fatto l’orlo di soli 1,2 cm 
  • Ho usato il dietro versione 1, quindi senza tasche.




  • I was really impressed with the fit. I was expecting the usual gaping at the back, but they fit perfectly.
  • The crotch feels slightly loose as if I should reduce the curve.
  • I am generally not keen on high-waisted trousers, but I loved the design and wanted to give them a try.
  • I want to try to lower the waistline though I know I would also need to move the darts to keep the design. I am curious to see if the back gaping would then magically appear or not!


  • Sono stata davvero stupita dalla vestibilità di questi pantaloni. Mi aspettavo di dover fare la solita ripresa sul dietro invece calzano perfettamente.
  • Il cavallo sembra leggermente largo come se dovessi ridurre la curva.
  • Non amo i pantaloni a vita alta, ma mi piaceva molto il modello e ho voluto provarli.
  • Voglio provare ad abbassare la vita anche se so che dovrò anche spostare le pinces per mantenere il disegno. Sono curiosa di vedere se a quel punto dovro stringere i pantaloni sul dietro o no!


About the location and the wrinkles:

I got ready to go to a fair held in a nearby location, it was a hot day and thought it would be a great setting for some pics.

The second I walked out of the house, the shorts were full of wrinkles. Linen is really unforgiving.

Add to that 20 minutes sat in the car…and you have it!

And clearly I shouldn’t have worn wedges! I wasn’t expecting walking up and downhill!

Sulla location e le pieghe:

Mi sono preparata per andare a una fiera che si teneva vicino casa…faceva caldo e ho pensato che sarebbe stato carino far li´ delle foto.

Due secondi dopo che sono uscita di casa, i pantaloni erano tutti stropicciati. Il lino non perdona.

Aggiungete 20 minuti seduta in macchina…ed ecco il risultato!

E chiaramente non avrei dovuto mettere le zeppe! Non mi aspettavo di dover caminnare in salita e poi in discesa!

viewThe view was spectactular, though! So I hope you will forgive me for showing you the shorts with so many wrinkles!

How is the summer treating you? If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that where I live it feels like I moved to Ireland though mosquitos are still biting like crazy!

La vista era spettacolare però! Quindi spero davvero mi perdonerete per avervi fatto vedere dei pantalocini così stropicciati!

Com’è l’estate dalle vostre parti? Se mi seguite su Instagram, saprete che dalle mie parti sembra l’Irlanda…anche se le zanzare continuano a mordermi!




15 thoughts on “Tap Shorts by Katy & Laney View A: beware of wrinkles!

  1. Congrats -the shorts fit perfectly!Good job and a good pattern)
    As for linen -in my case it has wrinckles the very moment I put on a linen piece of clothing)) – I simply ignore them)


  2. Ha, I had a feeling that you wouldn’t be able to resist these! (:
    They look great on you, and I love them so much in linen. Wrinkles from wearing give linen garments character!
    I’m not a huge fan of high-waisted garments on myself either, and neither am I a fan of shorts without pockets, but I’ve worn my two pairs of Tap Shorts a lot anyway since I finished them. There’s just something about this pattern!


    1. You are right, Jana…I was weak. Seeing yours didn’t help either! So thank you for pushing me to give the pattern a try! As for pockets I found myself reaching out for them while I was wearing them. Though I love welted pockets I never use them at the back. It’s a nice pattern that we can use over and over again.


      1. Oh yes, I still always try to put my hands into pockets that aren’t there! I agree with you on the back welt pockets, they don’t serve the same purpose. Might have to try the “classic” version with fly and pockets after all, or hack one of the others to have pockets! (:


  3. Let me start from the end. If you lived in Ireland, you would not get any mosquito bites because we don’t have them. And, secondly, this year our summer was gorgeous! Maybe the summer this year was lazy or decided to swap locations for a change. Regarding wrinkles, we can’t avoid them. From my own experience I know that, even if I iron my silk/linen/batiste garments for a photo, they can get wrinkles in a second. I would not worry too much if I were you 🙂

    And my big conclusion is that you look super cute in your short and top! Tackling such a difficult garment as short (because, yes, it is not an easy garment to sew) and arrive to such a great result, I say: Brava!


    1. Inna, I must then move to Ireland! I know you’ve been having a great summer and I am very happy about that. For once I love seeing green grasses all around me this time of the year. Too bad it’s not the best for having a BBQ.
      Regarding fit, I was very lucky this time. The pattern was drafted to cover my full derriere! No effort required!


  4. Those shorts look Amazing on you! You did a great job. Wrinkles are just a fact of life with linen. I think they look fine!

    I am not sewing as much as I would like this summer. Just too lazy. At least you are getting projects finished!

    We also have lots of mosquitos this summer! I have bites everwhere! They itch like crazy!


  5. Great shorts Silvia, wrinkled linen to me is the essence of summer. I’m not usually a fan of high waisted garments either but these look really flattering to your shape.


  6. Great shorts and outfit! The fit looks really good, and the high-waist style is so flattering on you. I’ve given up on battling wrinkles on linen fabric — just have to live with it. I have heard that pretreating linen by pressing it with a hot iron and then washing/drying on high heat will help, but I haven’t tried it yet. Underlining with silk organza helps (did this for a coat dress I made), but it defeats the purpose of using linen as a cool and comfortable fabric. Summer is passing way too quickly! I’m working on a pink cape using wool coating — not the best project for the warm weather we’ve been having, but I’ll be happy when I’m done!


    1. Thanks for the tips Jean. I did notice that underlining helps controlling wrinkles on a cotton voile dress I made recently. I simply used muslin. Next time I could try that with linen too.
      You are very brave to venture in winter projects while it´s still warm. Look forward to seeing your cape.


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