La Mia Boutique 02/2014 Review comes with some nice surprises and a giveaway!

La Mia Boutique reviews are back after having skipped January’s issue due to post delays.

And they are back with some surprises…

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Surprise 1: Guest La Mia Boutique Reviewer

It’s my great pleasure to welcome Evie from Pendle Stitches as this month’s Guest La Mia Boutique Reviewer. Not only does Evie sew for herself and her adorable children, but she also knits, bakes (you must see her Barbie Birthday cake) and knits! Not to mention I was also lucky to meet her in London…and she loves coffee as much as I do!

Surprise 2: Key patterns

We are slightly changing the review format. Every month I will select some patterns instead of bogging you down with too many details. I will still include the pattern list. If you want to see any other pattern, just ask and I’ll be happy to share it.
The other suprises are at the end of the post…let’s turn to this month review first…That’s what you are here for right?

La mia boutique 022014

Silvia: Now the cover seems to me like it’s out of the 80s. After many nice covers I was a bit disappointed when I saw it. Probably it’s the sunglasses, the hair or the mixing of two different tartan prints or a bit of everything.

I don’t know…What do you think?

Evie: I completely agree. I find the styling of LMB to be generally more than a little bit dated. This is such a shame because it detracts from the style lines of the garments and doesn’t inspire you to hit the sewing machine.


Silvia: Designer Chiara Boni is back. Funny enough I just saw a BBC news presenter on TV wearing a similar blue coat while reporting from London Bridge! Ok I am digressing. I actually like this coat with its nice collar…and it’s even an easy pattern…probably because the quilting is not part of the project I would say!

Evie: This is a lovely coat and a great colour.  It’s nice to see a change from the ubiquitous pink coat this season.  My only thought is that the length is the tiniest bit short and throws the proportions out slightly.  But that’s a very simple fix and certainly wouldn’t put me off this pattern.


Silvia: Oh, this is one of my favorite patterns from this issue. It’s a princess seamed dress…so nothing new but those bows and the neckline really make this dress. Probably it would be better as a summer dress as you wouldn’t need to wear anything over it and you could show off those cute bows.

Evie: This neckline is gorgeous.  It’s so flattering and elegant.  It’s also a little bit sexy without showing cleavage. And the bows are a nice detail that aren’t too cutesy. This would perfect for a summer wedding!


Silvia: A Bustier dress with a sweetheart neckline is a nice pattern to have.  You could even make it floor length for an evening gown or use it as a wedding dress. Personally I am not a fan of strapless dresses for practical reasons…but I can still like the dress right?

Evie: I like this dress too. Although the styling here is young and fun, you’re right, Silvia, that this is a very versatile pattern that could be used for many different occasions in many different fabrics.


Silvia: And since we are showing the dress why not include the accompanying bolero right? I like it because it’s not your usual bolero design

Evie: This has quite a nice hint of retro to it.   It reminds me a little of 1940’s swing jackets.  I’ll admit I didn’t like it to start with, but it’s definitely grown on me.


Silvia: Now I realize you may hold this against me…but I actually like this dress. Those sleeves are a bit sci-fi and that’s what’s so cool about them. Though I am a fan of green, I would use a darker color. Evie?

Evie: Ouch…pass the sunglasses! This dress definitely isn’t something I’d would wear, but…the sleeves are very clever and the simple dress shape is the perfect choice to show them off.


Silvia: Now you know I also like red…and after all it’s the Valentine’s issue. A classic coat yes but still nice!

Evie: This is such a classic, timeless coat. Make this up in a luxe fabric and you’ve got a chic coat that you’ll be wearing for years. I love it!


Silvia: Ok, I think I may be missing a trend here…what’s this mixing of prints? Can you shed some light on this? Styling is dubious…but those wide pants are another classic so it’s a nice-to have-pattern.

Evie: Oh dear!  LMB really do need a new stylist, no? The trousers are gorgeous but, is it me, or does everything look too small for her? I’m also not sure about the cut of the jacket. I don’t think the front hemline is very flattering.


Silvia:  A white coat with two collar variations…I like the more casual look…you could even use a tartan fabric ;o)

Evie: I agree with you, Silvia. Another great coat pattern.  However, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with the oversized hat and equally enormous button.


Silvia: What a cute shirt! It’s an easy pattern and as there are no darts and raglan sleeves it should be easy to fit. Plus you could use it as your blank canvas for adding your own personal touch. Mmmh….

Evie: As the proud owner of a, ahem, fuller bosom, I would steer well away from this style.  Which is a shame, because it is a really lovely top that is, as you say Silvia, perfect for customization.


Silvia: Isn’t this dress cute? It’s a plus sized pattern and the woman in the picture is actually a real LMB reader and her son…I sympathize with them…posing is not an easy task!

Evie: It is cute.  And yet another style that could be adapted to lots of different occasions. Bravo to this lady and her adorable little man for doing such a great job modelling.

022014-001Silvia: Let’s look at the pattern sheet. Do you see anything else you like?

Evie: The sleepwear patterns look cute.  And is that a princess seamed Chanel style jacket I spy?  If yes, then LMB have really outdone themselves with classic patterns that you’d use again and again.

So, all in all what do you think about LMB February issue, Evie?

Evie: Firstly, Silvia, may I say ‘thank you’ for inviting me to be your first guest reviewer for LMB. I was thrilled to be asked and I’ve really enjoyed myself, and this issue.

If you overlook the dated and sometimes downright bizarre styling, I think this is a really great issue of LMB.  There are several terrific wardrobe workhorses there that could easily become TNT patterns. And if you’ve got summer weddings to attend this year, you could get ahead of the game as several of the dress patterns are just perfect for such an event.

As a mum I think they missed a fine opportunity to include patterns for the cute outfit the reader model’s little boy is wearing.  However, I would happily make a several of the coats, the wide legged trousers, the sleepwear and a couple of the dresses.  In my book, that makes this issue excellent value for money.

Surprise 3: LMB Giveaway

Let’s now turn to Surprise 3. LMB has kindly offered to send 2 issues to two of you. If you wish to enter just use Rafflecopter below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Surprise 4: Would you like to be next month’s La Mia Boutique Guest Reviewer?

As you know I love to hear your feedback and views. So I thought it would be great if we could have as many opinions as possible. It will be like having a nice conversation over patterns!

If you are interested in joining me for March review or any of the following months, just drop me an email so I can give you the details.

Thanks again to Evie for joining me this month! It’s been a real joy for me to have you. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Anna for having been my partner in crime 😉 for the last few months. It’s been a lot of fun! She will continue the reviews on her blog to better suit her busy schedule.


36 thoughts on “La Mia Boutique 02/2014 Review comes with some nice surprises and a giveaway!

  1. Vedo che sulla maggior parte dei modelli siamo d’accordo! 🙂 E anche sullo styling, che sta arrivando ai minimi storici…
    Bellissima l’idea dell’ospite, non vedo l’ora di vedere chi saranno le prossime! 😀


  2. I really like the jacket number 24 and the featured pants are a great wardrobe builder. I’m also intrigued by the sleepwear/lingerie patterns–a simple thing, but sometimes hard to find. Thanks for the review!


  3. Oh, what a fun surprise to hear (read?) Evie’s voice as your guest reviewer! I do like the patterns on LMB and wish I could find a copy of the Magazine in newstands (I did try Little Italy … no luck!). In this issue, my favourite ones are the red coat, the pink dress (although I think the model needs to eat a sandwich or two) and the simple blouse. Thanks for a great review!


    1. I wish it was easier to do voice recordings and I would have real conversations on the blog! The easiest I think if you really want to buy one issue is to get it online. In the end I think the price difference is minimal to non-existent. I agree on the sandwich!


  4. I know, I know, but just can`t resist… I like very much the jacket (model24) and bolero (model 05). Thank You for the review. Best regards,


  5. Love reading about magazine reviews. They are very helpful especially if you are looking into getting a certain issue or not.

    From this one I really lover the red dress with the bows on the shoulders.



  6. Lovely idea to pick up with Evie for the reviews and thank you for continuing to provide them. I have to say I find LMB interesting but it is just so pricey to have it sent all the way down to NZ. I am so very tempted however ……

    While the cicadas sing in our garden this fine sunny morning I am strangely drawn to winter coats and the #01 is a nice one. I am also intrigued by the line drawing for #17 (not a coat). Hmmm.


  7. Came over here via Evie’s blog – and am so glad I did! Is this an Italian magazine…if so shall have to get one of my cousins to send it over to me! And I laughed at Evei’s comment about the oversized hat and button – I thought the button was a printed “Number 1” on the page 😉


  8. En realidad estoy al borde del colapso por ese hermoso vestido de corte princesa con lacitos en los hombros!!! Me ha encantado esta revisión, aunque lamentablemente, la revista no llega hasta aquí, puedo disfrutar algunos modelos a través de tu blog. Muchos besos, Silvia.


    1. Rosy, si al final no ganas yo siempre puedo trazarte ese patrón y enviártelo sin problemas. En cuanto tenga los ganadores hago un post y publico las tallas de LMB así me puedes decir cuál te corresponde.
      Hay una tienda online que vende las revistas y las envía al extranjero No son barátisimos pero es que los gastos de envío te matan! Ya me dirás. Un beso!


  9. I like the simple shirt, #31. It’s a great basic. And I like the pink dress, #2. It has such a nice neckline and the bows are that certain something. Great.


  10. I love this issue, especially the pattern of the lady in blue dress with her son. We are currently in the middle of a very hot january and am practically living in sleeveless dresses.


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