La Mia Boutique 11/2013 Review

La mia boutique 11/2013

October got by so fast and I still owe you the results from last month’s survey I will post them next week at the latest. Sorry for the delay!

But Anna and I wanted to get November’s review out asap.

This month’s issue features a lot of jackets…our opinions are somewhat diverging but I really enjoy that about our conversation.

Don’t forget to check out Anna’s blog!
07Silvia: I love the wide collar combined with the fitted style. Not so sure about the trim. The jacket features kimono sleeves which leaves me with mixed feelings. I find they never fit properly at my underarm. But I guess that’s me being fussy!
Anna: I absolutely love the big collar and the pleats at the bottom (although I would leave out the trim). I share Silvia’s concern about kimono sleeves: they can be tricky to wear.
08Silvia: Cute capri pants. Though I associate capri pants with summer rather than winter, it’s a cute pattern. What you don’t see are the nice darts at the back that allow for back shaping and two sets of pockets.
Not to mention the pants are from H&M that makes the only pants patterns that fit me perfectly. So I would really be curious to check how they would fit me.
What’s your take on the print?

Anna: Cute pants! I like the slits in the back. Basic straight pants are one type of patterns that LMB includes in almost every issue, so if you’re a regular buyer like me, they might be a bit boring.
9Silvia: Last year I failed completely at my peplum top attempt. I am tempted to give it another go with this pattern. It’s sleeveless so I don’t need to worry about my forward shoulders as much. I will keep this pattern for my spring sewing list. And I could even make that cute peter pan collar!
Anna: This top is cute, but it looks like the waist seam hits the model at an awkward spot… Maybe it’s a bit too long? The collar is absolutely adorable, although it looks a bit weird in this photo.
10-11Silvia: Give me a structured blazer in black and I am happy! I am not convinced about the rounded collar as I never wore any. But I do like everything else about this pattern
Anna: On the contrary, I don’t like much about this pattern. The rounded collar and the big buttons make this look a bit old for me…

Silvia: Before you start screaming at the sight of these pants as I initially did…let me point out these are a Hoss Intropia pattern. Now I am curious. Has your opinion changed? Let’s be clear. I can’t wear those. But if you can or you simply like the baggy palazzo look you have the pattern!

Anna: This is an interesting pattern, but I wonder how many “real” women can wear these pants without looking utterly ridiculous. I mean, they are HUGE.

12Silvia: I have been looking for a princess seam shirt for some time. So I am bookmarking this one. I want to try the fit of something different from Burda. The shirt is from a glamorous Italian brand called Carla G. I have some shot cotton waiting in my stash…do you think it would be suitable?
Anna: I don’t really like the cuffs of this shirt, but the princess seams are interesting.
My goodness, the styling of this shoot is truly horrible. Why the f is the model wearing a feather brooch on her waist?
13-14Silvia: No, I don’t like the print but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the pattern. Yes, princess seams means 14 pattern pieces but that also gives you the flexibility of adjusting the fit where you need it. I am probably biased as I am making a similar pattern at the moment…What’s your take on that?
Anna: I’m also not crazy about the print but I love me a double-breasted jacket. And this is a Moschino pattern, wow!

Silvia: Suede skirt anyone? Again you need the tech drawing to see that it’s not your regular skirt. I wouldn’t make it unless I added at least 15 cm (6 inches) and changed fabric
Anna: Beautiful skirt, I wish the styling made it justice. Oh, and it’s Valentino, isn’t that nice?
15-16Silvia: If you want an Escada pattern without the price tag this is for you. The tech drawing makes it more appealing to me than the photo. But I fear it would be too wide and short for my liking. Anyone for this one?
Anna: I have the same concerns as Silvia about this pattern, too short and boxy. Moreover, much like the other pieces in this shoot, it looks like it belongs to a collection from 20 years ago…

Silvia: What would be a woman’s wardrobe without a pencil skirt? 😉 I am puzzled about the lack of darts at the front…would need to try to check the fit! I hate sewing darts!
Anna: I don’t like skirts with side slits at all, so this isn’t for me. But as Silvia said, a pencil skirt is a must have for every woman!
17-18Silvia: I adore those cuffs and the fitted sleeves. To me this is a very interesting pattern design
Anna: This is definitely interesting, but once again, it looks like such an old style to me… Pass.

Silvia: Yeah this is just what I need! No don’t judge me for that! This is the perfect pattern for my flamenco class! A gored skirt is fitted yet has the volume you need at the bottom. I would need to lengthen it (or not as I doubt the model is 5.3”!) Now, as you can see my need is rather specific but would you make it?
Anna: Mmh… I’ll pass on this one as well. That length wouldn’t be flattering on me at all.
19Silvia: Shiny animal print is not something I’d go for. I find the sleeve and front too baggy. if you look at the pattern, it’s a regular dartless shirt. So maybe this makes it versatile? I am dithering.
Anna: I do like the collar of this shirt, but as Silvia, mentioned, there’s a lot of bagginess everywhere in this pattern. Judging from the shoulder pads, this looks (again) like something from more than 15 years ago.
28Silvia: Leather dress anyone? I like the topstitching detail and cuffs. The pattern is not bad either.  If I look at this from my body perspective I would need more shaping at the waist, but I am pear-shaped.

Anna: Eeek, this photo made me cringe. This dress looks like a leather sack with a weird pleat down the front. No, thanks.

Silvia: If you want my honest opinion…Well, I don’t like the recent leggings trend and I don’t see how you can wear such a short dress with those see-through stockings. Depending on the mood I am in, I find it even cheap. I said it!
But I like the collar and I could wear it with pants, right? Not to mention I would be a quick project perfect for sewing with knits. It reminds me on a Sailing on the lake Pattern  I shared when I first started this blog
Anna: Yeah, the styling here is incredibly tacky and it kills this pattern for me. I have no idea how I’d wear this, so I’ll just rely on other knit patterns I like better.
30Silvia: Love love this dress! I am thinking I could make the top bodice part in a chiffon. The bodice dart design is similar to the Burda dress I made last year…I am telling you it’s a pain to pivot and turn but it’s cute nonetheless. Can you believe the fabric is actually leather?
Anna: Cute pattern, as Silvia I think it would look much cuter in lighter fabrics, especially with a contrast at the top. It’s similar to Colette’s Macaron or Salme’s Yoke dress.
38-39Silvia:  After a few issues where models were somewhat fake plus sizes, I am happy to see a real person again. I like this dress pattern. However, I’d like to add a few comments on the photography… This is how you can make a person features stand out in the wrong way.  The camera probably had a wide-angle lens and the result is this unsightly wide-angle distortion problem (check out the link as she has a nice explanation) See how her legs and below-the-waist seem huge and her head small? I’m sorry to say but a professional photographer should know better!

Pattern 39 is a variation. Instead of the pleat they added a dart which removes some volume.

Anna: I think the lady in these photos is absolutely gorgeous, so I’m really disappointed about how they made her look. This dress is so unflattering on her… And is this really the best photo they took of her? I would be so pissed…

40Silvia: I don’t particularly like this dress…but it could come in handy if you have a fabric design with a large print.
Anna: My goodness, this dress is so tacky! Moreover, it looks absolutely inappropriate on a woman this age… Again, I think this lady is really beautiful, but if the LMB had to shoot these dresses for this issue, they should have looked for a different model.
31-32Silvia: With Christmas approaching you may need a clutch. The designs are rather simple and you could certainly find some online for free…but I could use it to make a small leather clutch as I never made any.
Anna: Love these two clutches, especially the one with the scalloped edge. I’m really happy when they include accessories patterns.

33-34Silvia: If you are not addicted as I am to sewing blogs, you may find this pattern interesting and useful. For sure I haven’t seen any lately with a buttonhole that allows you to slide one end of the scarf through.

Anna: I just said I like accessories patterns, but not this one. It’s a really simple one to figure out on your own and the suggested fabric here is so ugly…

Silvia: Peter Pan collars are all over on the web so this is not a novel pattern. But I have to remind myself that not everyone is always online for work and leisure…statistics don’t lie right?

Anna: It’s cute, but it’s so narrow! It looks more like a necklace than an actual collar.

Below is a pattern list recap…as said have a look at the rest on Anna’s blog.

Conclusion for November:

There are some nice patterns for sure. So the issue is worth it.

The styling, makeup and photography are the biggest issue. Though I liked some photos. My take would be…less flashy makeup, better posing and send the photographers on a course or just ask them read some photography blogs, please.



Disclaimer: Silvia received this copy of La Mia Boutique for review. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and Anna’s.


11 thoughts on “La Mia Boutique 11/2013 Review

  1. If I hadn’t read the review, I would have quickly put down this issue based on the photography and styling. Even for a pattern magazine, it’s pretty bad.

    There are a few nice patterns here, and a few tired ones too I think. The Valentino skirt is the most interesting to me, in a practical way. The Crazy Pants would be fun as an art project, but I do not think I would ever wear them in real life! The purple dress is not flattering. However, I think the style of the black dress is quite nice for the model, though I do not think the fabric is right for her personality. It would be nice in something ‘resort’ , and IMO, the dress is age appropriate. (A note about age….As one who is worrying about my own age starting to creep upwards, I cannot impose style limitations based upon that criteria. Many things become limited along with advancing age, let not fun with fashion be one of them!)

    Thanks for the review!


  2. I actually liked this issue a lot, especially the shift dress with the V back, the princess seams shirt and a few others. Basics and variations is always good for me 😉
    Happy sewing!


  3. I really do just want to slap the stylists at LMB. Their fabric choices, styling and photography skills are so poor. Which is a shame because there are some lovely patterns here. Strangely I even like the pleated palazzo pants. I can see them in something lightweight and patterned as an alternative to a summer maxi skirt.


  4. Thank you for reviewing this issue! I think a lot of the designs look really cool, especially that Valentino skirt (lengthened, of course!), but I agree that the styling is really distracting — makes it difficult to see how nice the designs truly are.


  5. Hi, first of all congratulations for your blog is very nice… I was not familiar with La Mia Boutique Magazine … I actually found it through your blog and at first I didn’t read the cover and my first impression was that it was a vintage magazine – i don’t know – the graphic style, the photography, the styling, even the designs are nice but a little bit dated … maybe too much attempt at structure and too little fun… but I’d be curious to see how the patterns are and the fit .. so maybe I’ll give it a try


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