La Mia Boutique 10/2013 Review and Take Part in the Survey



If you can judge a book by its cover… this issue will be great. Makola, the Italian designer we met in May is back with her patterns. And that is a good sign!

But there’s more to it than just retro patterns…let’s dig in for our world-famous joint review with Anna from Paunnet (ok, I’m clearly exaggerating on the world famous…just checking if you were reading 😉

You can view the other patterns on Anna’s blog01w


Silvia: This little black dress with its princess seams and squared neckline is so cute. It reminds me of the Couture dress I made as part of Susan Khalje’s Craftsy class

Anna: I’m so happy they have featured Makola once again! This is a perfect sheath dress, so very chic!04w


Silvia: I love a-line dresses and this one is no exception. Though I am not a fan of beige, I like being reminded of the color-blocking possibilities. A great pattern to have.

Anna: Love it as well. I don’t love the color either, but it has a lot of potential, for variations as well.05w


Silvia: I am in love! I know it’s just a detail but isn’t that bow so cute? The a-line sleeves are a great variation. Simply adorable.

Anna: I squealed when I saw this little coat! The collar, the bow and the silhouette… Perfection!


Silvia: I am not a fan of capes nor of fur, but I know many of you are. This would certainly be a great quick project…no fitting required really.

Anna: I love the idea of capes but they’re too impractical for me. I like the faux fur, I think it looks adorable here.08-09w


Silvia: I really like the classic blazer design. The three bust darts are great. My only concern is the shoulder width. This is supposedly an 80s pattern. Remember: this was the time when huge shoulder pads were the ‘thing’ [80s trivia: did your bra straps get all damaged by shoulder pad Velcro straps, too??] Before venturing on this pattern I’d wait to see one of the next issues: maybe they include a more fitted version.

Anna: This photoshoot is called something like “There’s no escape from the 80’s”, which sounds a bit like a menace to me, considering I don’t like 80’s fashion at all.
I agree with Silvia, it’s a cute blazer with nice lines, but those shoulders are huge.

Silvia: Certainly the perfect wide-legged pattern…again perfect for 80s style. Too wide for me though.

Anna: Agreed. You need to be 2metres tall to pull off these pants.10w


Silvia: This blouse reminds me of a pattern from July issue. I am totally drawn by the fabric design. The simple style leaves plenty of room for customization. I would probably take it in a bit at the sides

Anna: I’m always drawn to blouses with pussy bows, but this one is not that special. The neckline is too low and it ruins the effect of the bow a little bit.


Silvia: This is one of the patterns I am drawn to on this issue. I particularly like the dart placement and the front closing. Can you help me making the right choice? The shoulders also seem very wide and I wouldn’t want to be wasting time on a blazer I’d never wear

Anna: It’s a very cute jacket, but like the previous pattern, watch out for those shoulders!


Silvia: I would have chosen a different fabric to showcase these pants. I am not a fan of mixing prints and I don’t get those studs on the shoes (but I guess that’s not our focus).  All in all, I like the slim fit and low waist on these pants…pity my legs are half those of the model!

Anna: Ahah, I have the same concern! It’s a cute pair of pants, but I didn’t look at them twice because they would look horrible on me.


Silvia: Black makes it hard to see the design, but this series really puts sweatshirts and pants under a new light. These pants are slim with an elastic waist. I like how this pattern looks dressy while being comfy. Great for lounging at home.

Anna: I’m really happy they included these loungewear/activewear patterns. Burda does them rarely but I never like theirs. These look like something I would wear and would actually take the time to make.

16-17 sportswear


Silvia: For all the hooded patterns lovers out there…two great numbers. It’s no secret I like grey but I would go for slimmer pattern 18.

Anna: I love these two patterns and I will definitely keep them on my radar. I recently started running, so I guess it’s just a question of time before I start sewing my gear!

Silvia: Plenty of pattern choices for sweatpants. I’d love to wear those slim fits but I’d have to go again for the straight legged. I really like the pocket design on the purple outfit. Out of the three it’s my favorite outfit

Anna: Mine too! I actually like them all, and as I said, I’m extremely happy they included these patterns.


Silvia: I wouldn’t go for fur and use regular wool instead. It would look great with Loden wool

Anna: I like the fur collar, but hate it on the sleeve. All in all, a really beautiful pattern.34w


Silvia: Such a cute shirt. I adore the wide cuffs, the neckline and collar. Pity it doesn’t come in my size.

Anna: I don’t like it, instead, especially the neckline. I’m a sucker for classic, manwear-style button-ups, and not a fan of these variations.35-36w


Silvia: Nice blazer…I would have loved it in my size. The diagonal button placement is so cute. Plus you don’t have to sew buttonhole! Yeah. The skirt has a nice yoke feature…pity you can’t see it unless you look at the line drawings.

Anna: I really like this outfit. The buttons on the blazer are really special and I love the French pockets of the skirt.


Silvia: It seems they still haven’t found a male model…and it’s a pity because the patterns are elegant and classy. The coat is just fabulous. Real Italian style. Imagine your partner in a 2000 dollar suit like Zegna’s  and an Armani coat…sexy!

Anna: It’s a real pity that they lacked a model. But yes, these are wonderful men patterns, a rare commodity in sewing magazines!

La mia boutique 10/2013 pattern list

All in all, this is a keeper issue…and since I loved reading your comments on the previous issue, I thought it would be great to get your feedback again. I put together a little survey for you (it’s anonymous). I’d love to do some number crunching again and post the results here. Yes, I am a bit of a geek like that!

Disclaimer: Silvia received this copy of La Mia Boutique for review. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and Anna’s.

17 thoughts on “La Mia Boutique 10/2013 Review and Take Part in the Survey

  1. This issue is great! I’ve discovered LMB through your and Anna’s blog because it does not sell here (same as Burda or other Western sewing magazines). So back to the magazine! To me this issue is all about simple chic and many possibilities are opened with these straight lines and classic designs! When I move to London (in November already!) I’ll definitely try to sew something from LMB.


  2. LMB drives me crazy with their styling. They are worse than Burda! There are some really cute patterns there but the styling is so distracting.
    That said. I’m totally in love with the menswear patterns. Good menswear patterns are so hard to come by and I know my husband would love all of those patterns. Maybe they should get him to model for them 😉


  3. How come I’ve never heard of this magazine before? Oh right, because it probably doesn’t retail in Canada! The LBD and the colourblock a-line are awesome. Next Saturday I have an event to attend in Little Italy so I may just have to pop into the Italian newspaper and magazine store and see if they carry it. I have a feeling they won’t but a girl can always dream.


  4. i loved your joint review. i really liked the look of the purple and the gray jogging suits but no way on earth would i sew that! they’re usually so cheap in the store and mine get such rough wear. the retro inspired items in this one are really beautiful! i thinki’m going to have to track this one down! thank you guys again for sharing this magazine with us.
    and um…how on earth is that plus size model plus sized?!


  5. sono abbastanza d’accordo con la vostra recensione. la giacca arancione e la tuta viola sono anche tra tra i miei preferiti. però, devo farvi un appunto: non è affatto difficile stringere le spalle di una giacca. coraggio! né tu né anna siete delle alle prime armi.


    1. Grazie per il commento! Hai perfettamente ragione, non e’ molto difficile modificare le spalle di una giacca. In realta’ devo comunque farlo sempre visto che le mie sono un po’ incurvate. A presto.


  6. Again, I really enjoyed this review. I will have to ask Gianni to pick up a copy for me when he is next at the supermarket! I agree with you re. the yellow jacket. I love the shape and length but I would definitely take out the shoulder pads and narrow the shoulders. When I first started working at a professional job at the end of the 1990s I bought a vintage Christian Dior suit in dusty rose with a short jacket with shoulder pads and a tulip skirt. It was cute at the time but I never want to do that again! 🙂 My favourites here are definitely the black dress and the colourblock sheath and coat. I don’t wear sheaths these days in the fall/winter as I get too cold (although I suppose one could wear a shirt underneath). I do like them though. I would seriously consider making the coat and save the pattern for the second sheath for spring/summer (would make it colour-blocked in white and navy or white and red I think). Great job!


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