Fall for Cotton: Vintage Italian Fabric Dress – Simplicity 2588

Simplicity 2588 with Vintage Fabric

Remember the vintage Italian fabric I bought earlier this summer?

When I read about Fall for cotton challenge organized by Tasha and Rochelle…I knew I had to use this fabric. 100% cotton, 100% vintage.

Detail - Simplicity 2588 with Vintage Fabric


When I first got the fabric I thought I would make a circle skirt…but then I remembered about Simplicity 2588. The pleated skirt version has a vintage feel to it and I thought was perfect to show the print. I didn’t have enough fabric for the sleeves so I went sleeveless. In the end I think it was a good choice given the loud print!

Certainly this dress stood out at the party…It’s a lot brighter than what I usually wear and well, the print is quite vintage, don’t you think?

Simplicity 2588 with Vintage Fabric

I had to move the princess seam, remove extra width from the center front and slightly lenghten the bodice…thankfully I made a muslin. I find Big Four patterns really oddly drafted…this time the front was too big, when I made a Vogue pattern the back was huge. Is it just me?

But now that I have the pattern ready I think I want to make another version next summer possibly with the smaller yoke.

Rome - Villa Pamphili

The pictures were taken at one of the largest parks in Rome: Villa Pamphili with its famous Roman Pine trees. I was there for a birthday party in the park. Recently they opened a coffee place/restaurant that offers take-away picnic baskets…so if you happen to be in Rome for a few days and are looking for something different to do, Vivi Bistrot is a  really nice place…or you can simply organize your own picnic/party…there were several people opting for that (including a bachelorette/hen’s party)

It’s incredible how just a couple of weeks ago it was super hot…But don’t worry…summer is around the corner!

18 thoughts on “Fall for Cotton: Vintage Italian Fabric Dress – Simplicity 2588

  1. Gaaaaaa!!! It’s gorgeous! I love the orange of that fabric and the silhouette of this dress! You look beautiful!!! Can’t wait to meet you in Vicenza, Silvia! Xoxo, Giusy


  2. Silvia this one is perfect. The colours may not be what you normally wear (what? no gray?) but they look great on you, especially the orange/mustard shade. Plus, the fit on this pattern is great on you. I guess that’s what you get when you take the time to make a muslin. Thanks for green background – it definitely feels like fall here but your photos scream summer fun!


  3. Oh it looks amazing! I love the vintage print and the dress looks so beautiful on you! I think the colours will be great for the colder weather, too, with dark wool tights and a cardi.
    I’m coming to the south of Lago di Garda next weekend! It seems like it’s the only place in the whole of Europe (and doesn’t take an airplane ride from here) that will still have temperatures around 20°C… We’ve already planned to visit the Truffle Festival in Tignale. 🙂 We’re staying in Peschiera, I think.
    Oh and did you see that I answered your question about the Burda models? I hate that blogspot doesn’t tell you about comment replies…


  4. Your dress is so lovely, I let out a little gasp too! 😀
    Good call on picking a dress with a pleated skirt, I always go for the circle skirts.. I need to branch out.


  5. I really like this one, Silvia – especially the front pleats which work really well here. I could see this one in different versions, also with a smaller yoke. I am going to take a look at that pattern. The vintage fabric is definitely fun, too!

    I think I may have been to Villa Pamphili, or maybe I am getting confused. I haven’t spent much time in Rome since 2000, if you can believe it, even though I’ve been to Italy so many times (I know Florence really really well :)). I remember walking up Gianicolo Ridge in Trastevere and there being the ruins of a villa there, but that’s probably different (I stopped at the site of the villa to sketch and I loved it). (PS Being from the south of Italy, my boyfriend’s favourite tree is the Mediterranean pine. He wants the Tuscans to get rid of the cipressi, which he finds depressing. :))


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