Winners La Mia Boutique Giveaway and Most Voted Patterns

LMB 09132

I would really like to thank you for your enthusiasm on this La Mia Boutique issue  and our joint review. It’s been really exciting for me to read your comments and your likes and dislikes (not so many, I must say).

I thought it would be interesting to do some number crunching to see what pattern got most votes. By no means this is a scientific analysis, some of the comments left me with some room for interpretation. I hope to have captured your wishes at best.

I was surprised to see the zipper dress getting as many votes as the jacket. So, LMB was right including this design too. In all fairness some of you said they would remove the zippers 🙂


What does the chart tell us?

Let’s look at the details…

The Pattern-Magic inspired Twisted top came in second…I have actually cut this pattern over the weekend so you will be seeing it soon.

In third place was the shift dress number 2. Many of you seem to like the basic shifts as they are the more versatile and can we dressed up or down. In fact, pattern 13 and 15 got a fair amount of votes too.

Plus patterns were very much appreciated, especially the Leopard-print Jacket and the Snake-print dress.

And at the other end of the spectrum…

Guys sorry!! You won’t get any of our precious sewing time any time soon! Nobody voted for Men’s PJs patterns…But these lack of votes could also be interpreted as…The other patterns are so great that we would rather sew those than PJs…plus many men don’t wear PJs these days (right Anna?) I would tend to go with this second theory…(we wouldn’t want to seem selfish either, would we ladies?)

The Jeans also didn’t get any likes. I guess it’s because they take longer to sew or possibly because they are skinny jeans…I for one would never be able to get away with those.

I didn’t include a chart of the dislikes because not many of you didn’t mention any. Only two patterns got two ‘dislike’ votes: the winning jacket…it is really difficult to please everybody 😉 and the poncho (it’s a 50/50 pattern two likes/two dislikes)

And the two La Mia Boutique issues go to…

crystalpleats who said

I would love to win an issue because there were several wonderful patterns. I would try 6, 7, 8, 1, and 14. I even like the women’s pajamas, a lot.

Whoa! There will be a lot of sewing ahead for you. Make sure you let me know when you post pictures of your makes. I’d love to see them.

Karen P who said
I would actually like to sew the poncho. I know they are unflattering, but I am always looking for warmth in a theatre (sometimes I sneak in a blanket) I would never sew the quick access nursing dress. Those two zippers are just positioned two weirdly over the chest. Men would probably make some good jokes about them.

Karen will certainly look glamorous on her theatre nights…and won’t be cold anymore. Feel free to share pictures with us…I’d love to see the Poncho worn at the theatre.

Please contact me (silvia(at)sewingprincess(dot)com) with your address  within 3 days.  Unclaimed prizes are redrawn.

I’m so sorry I don’t have any more issues to giveaway. If you are really interested in this issue, I could buy it on your behalf. Note that postal charges are approximately 16 USD for the US/Canada,  21 USD/23 Australian dollars to Australia/New Zealand/Asia. Europe is slightly cheaper at 8 Euros. Unfortunately, these are the Post office (outrageous) prices for private individuals like myself. More info on where La Mia Boutique is sold and how to subscribe on this post.

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