La Mia Boutique 09/2013 Review and GIVEAWAY with Anna from Paunnet

LMB 0913 cover-copertina


I have been waiting for La Mia Boutique September issue for the whole summer after their very intriguing preview. Of course, I wasn’t sure if the 40 patterns would be in line with what I like (I guess pattern magazines cannot just please my taste…I may be the Sewing Princess but I am not their only reader, right?  😉 Ok, I know bad joke!

So let’s discover it together! Anna from Paunnet and I did it again and had a chat about this issue. Make sure you check Anna’s blog for more exciting patterns. They are really worth it!LMB-0913-01


01 Jacket (Giacchina)

Silvia: The jacket with its vintage feel reminds me of Colette’s Anise but it would be much quicker to sew as there are no darts or princess seams. I love how it buttons up diagonally and those fold-up sleeves

One thing I like about LMB is that their patterns are from current designers collections. You can see this Martino Midali jacket online and even buy it.

I am extremely tempted to make it with the herringbone fabric that has been waiting to be turned into a jacket since last year. What do you think?

Anna: I don’t love boxy jackets on myself but I do on those who can make them look stylish. This one is seriously cute, the buttons on the diagonal are a very nice, unusual detail.LMB-0913-02


02 Dress (Abito)

Silvia: Well, certainly this shift dress is not a new pattern. But I often find myself looking back for basic patterns on old Burda issues and not finding them. So I am happy with this one. This pattern is also from the F/W 2013 collection

Anna: I totally agree. One can never have too many basic patterns, and a good shift dress is a must have. This one has a seam under the bust that could work for color blocking.LMB-0913-03-04


03 Cape/Poncho (Poncho)

Silvia: I have a love/hate relationship with ponchos. I find them a cool idea but I think they are extremely unpractical to wear. But I like the chunky neckline on the pattern and that red wool is to die for…reminds me of the Loden I saw in Südtirol. BTW, I found an interesting article about Capes vs. Ponchos

Anna: I don’t like ponchos, I think they don’t look flattering on almost anyone. Yes, the fabric here is to die for, but I’d much rather make a nice fitted coat or jacket with it.

04 Pants/trousers (Pantalone)

Silvia: The pants pattern description says: skinny at the bottom, side pockets and elastic on the back. Personally I am not a big fan of elasticated formal trousers and skinny legs. It’s one of those patterns I would only make if I had the opportunity to try it beforehand. In this case…I will have to skip it. Not to mention I am planning to make another trousers pattern that Anna is showing on her blog!

Anna: I agree with Silvia. This poncho and pants combo looks very dated to me, overall. Not a fan.

The following patterns are branded as young fashion. So I guess if I like them it means I am young, right? I won´t get that thought affect my judgement 😉 The patterns are presented as Daywear (Per il giorno) and Eveningwear (Per la sera)


12 Dress (abito)

Silvia: I like the twist on the pattern…it reminds me of all the two Pattern Magic books that sit on my bookshelf untouched. Though I am not a fan of the fabric used, I would make this pattern in a geometric print or just plain black jersey and shorten it into a top.  Anna, do you think I am being optimistic if I think the ‘advanced’ level is a bit of an overestimate?

Anna: I do! I think it’s probably easy to make than they state. I also really like this dress, although I probably wouldn’t resist adding a couple vertical darts to give it more shape. Go ahead, Silvia, you can definitely do it!

Ladies, what’s your take?


13-15 Dresses (Abiti)

Silvia: These patterns are the same. The only difference lies in the sleeves. Again it´s a basic A-line shift dress. I could never wear it because it would look like a sack on me, but I really love these 60s designs. And I really appreciate it that they show you how to cut your fabric if you plan to use two different motifs…I don´t know about you but I have a hard time visualizing how to flip patterns and have made cutting mistakes because of that! So I am very happy LMB helps me saving my precious fashion fabric

Anna: They are basic pattern, but, imho, good ones to have. They are also very easy to alter, if you have some crazy variation in mind. And Silvia, I think this would look very cute on you! I also thought shift dresses would make me look like I was wearing a sack, but then I tried the Laurel patternLMB-0913-14


14 Dress (Abito)

Silvia: The fabric and the zippers would make me run away from this pattern and I wouldn’t buy it in a store. But when you sew you have the advantage  that you can start to look beyond the fabric and take away details you don’t like. You look at the technical drawing and you see a very interesting dart design. Plus the typical side-seams are moved towards the back ensuring a more flattering fit, similar to my beloved Paco Peralta’s Apron skirt.

Anna: LOL! I would probably try this in a store immediately and if it was too expensive, I would try to understand how to replicate it! XD
I really like this design with the zippers and this dress also goes on my to-sew list.

Silvia: Compared to last issue these plus sizes patterns are on the skinnier end of the spectrum (from 46 up to size 52 instead of 60. I am a size 42 on LMB). This made me realize that it´s really a difficult task to create patterns that fit all body types. I have probably stated the obvious but it´s good to remind that.

So, if you don´t like fitted garments even if the patterns include larger sizes this issue won´t really help. By the way, I realized that on LMB you are lucky to be a 46 because you can sew both regular and plus sizes patterns.


32 Jacket (Giacchina)

Silvia: I will tell you a secret: I don´t like animal prints. I said it and I hope you will still read my blog despite that! Although, I have to admit I loved a pair of leopard ballet flats a colleague had and Anna´s leopard print Pendrell made me think twice about my otherwise strong convictions…

Despite the print, I really love the jacket design…It’s a Moschino design. And I find those red details go very well with the print (guys, why do you make me hesitate?)

Anna, would you make it?

Anna: Eh, that’s a tough one. I do like animal prints in small doses, but this jacket might be too much for me. It looks great on the model (which I have trouble believing is a size 46!), but in real like, it could look trashy in a heart beat. Very cute pattern, though.

33 Trousers/Pants (Pantalone)

Silvia: Great design and great fabric choice on the pants. I am sold! And when I see Max Mara designed the original pattern I see why I am drawn to it. Max Mara is an iconic Italian brand that I love to look at. This pattern has a detail I had never seen before. Princess seam at the armsceye plus a tiny waist dart. I guess it’s to achieve a more fitted look, isn’t it?

Anna: Agreed! I’m also a fan of Max Mara, although these pants personally don’t make me swoon.


34-35 Dress (Abito)

Silvia: Again I needed to look at the tech drawing to judge. This pattern comes with a variation: choose between a version with yoke and short zipper or a yokeless version with long center zipper. It should be made in a stable knit fabric. I would make the pattern if it came in my size. What I appreciate is that they show that plus size does not equal shapeless sack. So they have my vote.

Anna: Totally approved. This dress would look great in every size, so I’m jealous!LMB-0913-36-37


36-37 Jacket (Giacca)

Silvia: By now you know I love these fitted jackets. This design is very similar to the above. The princess seam is replaced by a bust dart and some interesting panels at the sides and sleeve. Again, clever pattern I think.

Anna: I LOVE the zippered closure of this jacket, and it’s clever that they offer a variation with buttons for those who want a more classic look. Good job.

September issue tech drawings

There are more exciting patterns on this issue…I won’t say more as Anna has the details…but know that my sewing list is getting longer

LMB 0913-001

Next issue

Number 1 looks quite promising…it will include patterns inspired by Audrey Hepburn by the same designer of the now famous May issue…can’t wait to see it.

As for the rest, I am not so sure. Few more days and we will find out!

October LMB preview

La Mia Boutique Giveaway: Italian fashion goes worldwide

LMB is offeringtwo lucky readers a copy of September issue.

And I am contributing with my translation support so that you won’t have problems with Italian. I won’t be able to translate the full magazine but I will be very happy to summarize the steps, materials of your chosen pattern(s) if needed.

How to enter

  • Giveaway is open internationally until Saturday September 14 midnight GMT
  • Leave a comment on this blog post below telling us which patterns you would sew and which you wouldn’t (if any)
  • The winner will be announced on Sunday September 15
  • The winner must contact me directly to claim the prize within 3 days.  Unclaimed prizes are redrawn. 

Bonus entries


Disclaimer: Silvia received this copy of La Mia Boutique for review. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and Anna’s.

82 thoughts on “La Mia Boutique 09/2013 Review and GIVEAWAY with Anna from Paunnet

  1. I absolutely NEED that dress with the zippers on the front… NEED! I also love the fact that there are some nice basics that would come in handy. We always forget that to make a wearable wardrobe you need basic pieces made out of basic fabrics. Though they aren’t always fun patterns to look at, you have to think of the practicality.


  2. ooh I would so make that first shift dress, the 02 Dress (Abito)! I still need a good basic shift pattern and I love the curved seam under the bust – gives it so many options. This looks like a great issue, I’d love to have most of these patterns!


  3. I love the twist detail on the back of #8 and the crazy fun zipper detail on #14, I really want to know how both of those are done. I am none to fond of the crazy pleated dress. I just can’t get on board with the pleat trend.


  4. I really like this particular issue! I would sew dresses 2 & 12. I have some steel gray silk in my stash and I’ve been looking for the right pattern – I think number 12 is it (with some extra shaping as Anna mentioned). Dress number 2 is a nice basic, especially with a little jacket for fall. I really like jacket number 1, but I’m not sure if I can get away with the boxy shape, so I would have to think about it a little. Please add my name to the giveaway – thank you!


  5. Now happily following on Bloglovin! After looking at jacket number 1 again, I’m thinking it could work with some strategic darts…so I’m adding that to my sew list too.


  6. Hi Silvia,
    This look like a fun issue, I would love to make the jacket (though not in animal print) for work.
    Have a lovely day.


  7. That dress with the vertical zippers in the front would have been so handy when I was breastfeeding! In all seriousness, that cover jacket would look nice made up in a wool for winter


  8. I’m totally intrigued by the dress with the zipper darts, though I’m not sure I would actually wear it. And I would love sewing the top #8.


  9. I would make 34 or 35 –the seams are lovely (adding an addition entry because I follow you on Feedly).

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  10. I like the zipper dress though I think I’d prefer it without the zippers:) but my absolute favorite was the Jacket (Giacchina).

    I’m very new to sewing so not sure if I would give it a go just yet but I hope to improve my skills and then maybe:)


  11. I would make Dress 02 and dress 34-35. I need great dresses for work and they are perfect. I wouldn’t make dress 12 only because it wouldn’t suit my body shape and I think it is too young for me. I would make it for my daughter though. Thanks for a great giveaway. I love this mag and have difficulty finding copies.


  12. I was looking for the latest issue of La Mia Boutique and I came across your blog and fabulous giveaway.
    I would love to make a few of the styles in this issue. I would make dress 12 shorter as a tunic in a silk fabric, I would also make the cowl blouse 06 in a silk and pencil skirt 07 in a wool fabric. I also would love to make the top 08 with the twisted back in a jersey knit.
    I don’t like the poncho, I think is too bulky.
    I love La Mia Boutique because they always have some original designs, I am in Canada and this magazine is hard to find, I would love to have a copy!


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