My Summer

Sewing nook before


Summer started with a great addition to my sewing nook…a refashioned cutting table! This was my Ikea second-hand desk for some years until I had one for those lightbulb moments (ok, perhaps it was quite obvious!) and decided to use it as my new cutting table. My back and shoulders are forever thankful! Thanks to Ikea for Linnmon and Finnvard

Sewing nook after


My sewing nook was actually shortlived…after nearly two years of postponing we decided to finally paint. White will bring a new light to my otherwise pretty dark nights. If you are wondering why everything is so sealed…it’s what you need to do if you opt for airless spray painting Though it looks very cool and fast…you really need to seal everything because there’s dust going everywhere. If you are ever planning to do anything similar...empty the room, expect to spend a few days wrapping everything up and don’t choose the hottest days in the year! And read from fellow airless painters…which I should have done earlier! I was in charge of the wrapping ;o)

In the meantime we decided we should do all the works before I start sewing again there…so I am back to the living room tracing patterns on the dining table or on the floor without my new table 😦




To charge the batteries before embarking on the paint job we spent a few days walking in the Sudtiröl mountains and visiting some lovely cities…it was the perfect setting for my sewing creations…you will see more in the upcoming posts.

Ferragosto in Italy-001Last but not least, this past August 15 we celebrated Ferragosto in Italy…and, for the record, BBQs are normally done with charcoal in Italy…yummy. I love bruschetta with garlic, tomatoes and basil…to me there’s no BBQ without bruschetta!

Tomorrow I am back at work…all good things must end! But Summer sewing is not over yet for me, I am still sewing summer dresses!

How’s your summer going? How have you been?


11 thoughts on “My Summer

  1. This bruschetta looks amazing! And OMG will I be disappointed with the food I’ll be having for lunch!

    The photos from your trop look fantastic! By any chance, is it a castle of the Sewing Princess?


  2. How cool is that sewing space! The table looks very comfortable, if only I had an Ikea closer to my house, I would by some of these feet as well…
    Enjoy your holidays and your new room…


  3. Your sewing nook is so cool. I’m packing up the sewing loft this autumn and will be back sewing on the kitchen table too. I keep telling myself it will be worth it…
    Your walking trip looks wonderful. And the bruschetta…sigh, I need some of those now! BTW I agree that barbecue is best done on charcoals…although I know lots of people who use gas.


  4. I bet you’re looking forward to your new and improved sewing space. 🙂
    The bruschetta looks delicious, reminds me that I haven’t thought to make any in quite a while.
    Südtirol is so lovely. 🙂


  5. Can’t wait to see your sewing space finished! I don’t have one at the moment, but I planned one for the next apartment we bought, there is much more room for the child and mom as well 🙂


  6. No word of a lie, yesterday I was on the Ikea website looking at those Finnvard table legs as an option for a cutting table. Now I know they are definitely the way to go 🙂


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