How to Sew Japanese Sewing Patterns ebook and Giveaway

Today I have a very special guest Rin from Sew in Love. I started following Rin’s blog a couple of years ago. I was fascinated by her Japanese sewing style and was lucky enough to win A Feminine Wardrobe a gorgeous Japanese sewing book through her blog.

Little did I know that Rin (who was born in Japan and grew up in Australia) was working on a project to make Japanese patterns accessible to non-Japanese speakers. A few weeks ago I was flattered to preview her new ebook How to Sew Japanese Sewing Patterns. I will now let Rin tell you the rest!


Hi everyone. My name is Rin and I am visiting today from my sewing blog, Sew in Love.

Silvia and I met through our appreciation of Japanese sewing pattern books. Are you familiar with them? They are beautifully presented with gorgeous photography and styling. They also come with step-by-step sewing instructions and detailed illustrations. The only problem – it’s all in Japanese!

Japanese sewing pattern books collection

It’s been a long standing dream of mine to write a guide helping non-Japanese speakers to enjoy Japanese sewing patterns. After many months of work, I’ve finally launched my ebook, How to Sew Japanese Sewing Patterns ($15), available from

How-to-sew-Japanese-sewing-patterns-Ebook cover

It’s designed to help you quickly and successfully create the amazing designs Japanese sewing books have to offer – even if you don’t speak Japanese!

  • 18+ diagrams and photos guides you step-by-step through the entire Japanese sewing process
  • Reference tables helps you to instantly translate Japanese sewing terms into English
  • Conversion charts for Japanese to Western clothing sizes for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing
  • 38 pages of valuable information for your ongoing future reference
  • Suitable for all levels of sewing experience

Everyone seems to like the full package ($25), which includes this ebook as well as:

  • TWO print-at-home Japanese sewing patterns
  • In-depth, step-by-step instructions with 15+ diagrams; just like a real Japanese sewing book
  • Full English translations
  • Learn as you sew; English sewing tutorials with 18+ photos


This package provides everything you need to build your confidence using Japanese sewing patterns.

Ebook Giveaway

There is one free package worth $25 up for grabs. Competition closes 31 August 2013. To enter, simply:

    1. Leave a comment on this blog post, below.
    2. For additional entry, please tweet this competition using this link.

Thanks for letting me visit and talk about my new ebook. I really hope that it’s a useful resource for sewing lovers. Please come say hi at Sew in Love to check out my latest sewing adventures.

Good luck to all of you and have a great weekend!


45 thoughts on “How to Sew Japanese Sewing Patterns ebook and Giveaway

  1. Ii love your idea to help us who have purchased Japanese pattern magazines and are at a loss. Thank you.


  2. I love your idea to help us who have purchased Japanese pattern magazines and are at a loss. Thank you.


  3. Happy to see this book exists! Now I might actually make some outfits from my Japanese pattern books that are just sitting around.


  4. I’ve got quite a few of these books and while I struggle along with the diagrams, it would be great to know what I should REALLY be doing! I’d love a copy of this book. Thanks girls:)


  5. I would LOVE to win this!!! I have several Japanese Knitting and Crochet books and have yet to take the plunge with Sewing. The timing couldn’t be better! So glad to see this resource is now available!

    Best of luck to all! 😀


  6. I’m intrigued to learn about Japanese techniques! I’ll have to consider purchasing the ebook, and thank you for the opportunity to win!


  7. I love Japanese sewing books and recently brought a pattern drafting book for pants from Bunka to see if they could help make a pair of pants to fitperfectly!


  8. I love japanese pattern books! Just recently bought a pattern drafting for pants book from Bunka. Hopefully it will help me make a perfect pair of pants!


  9. Japanese patterns look so cute. I have been wondering if I should try tackling one but haven’t been brave enough! Your e-book is a great idea 🙂


  10. ohh! thank you both for this giveaway! is there someone who doesn’t love japaneese patterns?! they are wonderful! i love all of them!! and I mean also Zakka sewing, quilting,, knitting and crochet 🙂


  11. Love your blog Silvia. Would love to Win this Book, as I have not bought any of the books not knowing any Japanese. Plan to follow Rin’s blog. Thanks


  12. This book looks wonderful! The preview pages look very well organized and clear. I am glad for this opportunity, thank you!


  13. I love those books and have looked at them many times in bookshops, thanks for chance to enter competition!


  14. So glad that someone has written this! I’ve fumbled through a few Japanese patterns but it’s so hard to figure out exactly what is meant sometimes so this will be a great help.


  15. I have only used Japanese books that have been translated into English. The Japanese books I have browsed on EBay are beautiful and have pretty projects, but I fear they would be over my head.
    Thank you for the giveaway.


  16. I am a fairly new to Japanese patterns. I am slightly intimidated by them but they are so gorgeous. Such a valuable guide and I would love to win! Thanks.


  17. I too am new to Japanese sewing patterns and find them equisite. It is my daughters Birthday and winning would end a lovely day well. best regards Annie


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