WIP: Dancewear

Can you believe in two weeks I’ll be on stage? Well, neither can I…especially because this year I also started ballet (no pun intended 😉
Easy Tee
And I certainly could not miss an opportunity to make my own outfit…I’ll be making a red shirt for me and a woman in my class


And if that was not enough of a challenge…I’ll have to copy these pants/trousers. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any red lycra with gold polka dots so they will be plain red. And I will attempt to use Gutermann Sulky metallic thread. I heard it’s not that easy to use. Have you ever tried using it? Any tips?

 Friday 10 May 2013

I want to wish you a great weekend with this picture just taken a moment ago from my balcony…I hope it will be a relaxing one!

12 thoughts on “WIP: Dancewear

  1. Wow – those pants are on fire! Are they related to the performance’s theme? As for the thread, sadly I have no insight as I have never used it but I’m sending good karma your way. Oh, and the place you live in looks lovely!!!


  2. I am loving the idea of making your own dancing outfit! Good luck with the challenge 😉 Awww gorgeous views! Our weekend is rainy and sad and I’ll probably stay home, sew and get drunk :S
    Enjoy your weekend too!


  3. Your version of those flamin’ pants are going to be so cool! We’re supposed to be close to 80 degrees F today, which means time outdoors and away from the sewing machine for me. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. If the thread is the holoshimmer type stuff that’s almost like a flat tape and I’ve found they prefer to be on a stand up spool (because they are not cross wound). So if your machine normally has the thread lying down with it being pulled from the top of the spool, see if you have an auxillary thread stand that stands straight up and pop it on there. If you feed it from the top it twists as it goes and causes no end of dramas. I hope my explanation made sense!

    Also try the usual things like a metallic needle and lower tension. Hope that helps!!!


  5. Un reto complicado hacer la ropa de baile! La verdad es que trabajar con ese tipo de telas tiene que ser difícil. Te mando mucha energía y por favor tienes que sacarte fotos bailando con esa ropa!!!! 😉


  6. Ciao!!!
    Good luck with your dance exhibition!!! I’m sure your dress will be wonderful.
    And many congratulations on your publication on Burda Spain!!


  7. Se me pone el vello de punta solamente de pensar en trabajar con esas telas, sin embargo, estoy segura que este desafío solamente conseguirá reforzar lo buena que eres y tus grandes habilidades de costura, mucha suerte con la exibición y por favor… muchas fotos para ponernos los dientes largos….


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