I’m crazy for Paco Peralta’s Treky dress

Treky Dress Paco Peralta

Finally I managed to sew Paco Peralta’s Treky dress…when I saw his drawings it was love at first sight. It just took six months for my love to materialize ;o)

Treky Dress - Paco Peralta

From a technique point of view , this dress marks my first ever attempt at using flat piping.

I started off with a size M that I had to take in for my swayback, a bit at the sides and tapered the sleeves. I also lowered and widened the neckline. I used Ruth’s tutorial to put the dress together…she’s so clever!

As for styling…I never wear navy blue (but I got both fabric and piping for free) …I am always worried I look to serious in it… that’s why I decided to share some outtakes…I am not that serious after all…and for sure I won’t become a model any time soon!

Paco Peralta - Treky dress

After you’re told don’t look up…what can you do? Look down…right?

Paco Peralta - Treky Dress

And here is when I try being a bit adventurous with my posing…and end up looking crazy, silly or dorky (the choice is yours)! On this is clear to me…this dress can be worn up or down…and it’s super comfy in a knit!

Treky Dress Paco Peralta

I wish you a week full of sewing fun! If you want to share your outtakes…I’d be happy to see them.

14 thoughts on “I’m crazy for Paco Peralta’s Treky dress

  1. What a great dress! An being a knit, it must be very comfy, right? By teh way, blue looks good on you. Sadly, most of my outtakes are not funny at all, just really bad facial expressions, ha, ha!


  2. You are so right to be crazy about this dress: it’s so worth it! I think you have a great eye for accessories. This turquoise necklace adds a lot of chic to the entire look.


  3. Te ha quedado un vestido fabuloso Silvia! Me gusta mucho como te pega el color con el collar que llevas puesto. Tus poses han sido muy graciosas 🙂


  4. Great outtakes! And this dress is absolutely fab — I love the style and the colors you chose — the piping really stands out. And of course awesome accessories and shoes, as usual. Great job!


  5. Beautiful dress! I really like that shade of blue on you, it doesn’t look too serious! Especially with that lovely line of piping and the torqoise necklace. 🙂


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