Colette Meringue Skirt – Gonna Meringue di Colette

Colette Meringue Skirt

I must be the last one on the sewing planet who can say…this is my first ever Colette pattern. I am even blushing as I write this…

Credo di essere l’ultima nel pianeta delle sarte che possa dire…questo e’ il mio primo capo di Colette. Mentre scrivo queste righe sono anche diventata rossa…

The skirt was a breeze to sew…especially because it fits as is…a size 4 despite what the measurements said. So this skirt was meant to be muslin…which in the end I decided to wear out in public.

E’ un modello facile da cucire…soprattutto perche’ non ho dovuto fare modifiche…ho cucito la taglia 4 a dispetto di quanto dicevano le misure. In realta’ si trattava di un modello di prova che ho deciso di mettere anche per uscire.

These are my first ever scallops…What do you think? I followed Sherry’s tutorial for sculpting the perfect scallop as I was afraid of excessive bulk. As worried as I was, I am quite happy with the result.

E’ la prima volta che cucio delle curve come queste…che ne dite? Ho seguito le spiegazioni di Sherry perche’ avevo paura che la stoffa risultasse troppo spessa. Ero molto preoccupata del risultato ma alla fine sono contenta.

Colette Meringue Skirt
Alterations I’d like to make in the future? I’d lower the waistline by 1.5 inches and reassess the front darts…other than that no changes.

Modifiche per il futuro? Abbasserei la vita di 3 cm e rivedrei le pinces davanti…a parte questo nessun’altra modifica.

I would really appreciate your thoughts: What do you think (honestly) of this color? I tried to pair it with blue to make it a bit lively…

Vorrei chiedervi un consiglio: cosa pensate (onestamente) di questo colore? Ho cercato di unirla a del blu per rendere il tutto piu’ allegro…ma non so.

Next up…a denim Meringue Skirt…possibly with piping like this cutie by Sharon or with a contrasting thread or band…so many options…

E la prossima Gonna Meringue sara’ di jeans… forse una con il cordino come quella di Sharon o con del filo in contrasto o con una striscia…davvero tantissime possibilita’

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8 thoughts on “Colette Meringue Skirt – Gonna Meringue di Colette

  1. No you’re not the last one – I haven’t sewn the two Colette patterns I bought. Plus I have a few traced from the book. They’re on the horizon.

    The skirt is very pretty. When I first saw it, I thought, “I like it in a neutral.” It makes it more classy than cute (both good, but nice to have the options in your wardrobe).


  2. Nice! No you’re not the last – I haven’t made any Collette patterns yet (despite buying the book). The level of alteration required for non-curvy chicks like me (and my general apathy to their styles) has been a major contributor XD. That colour goes well with teal or dark pumpkin (brick) or maroon or plain old white. But not at the same time..


  3. Che mondo sarebbe senza Colette? Spero che ti piaceranno quanto a me i loro modelli, io devo moltissimo anche alle istruzioni, grazie alle quali ho imparato tantissimo.
    Secondo me il colore della gonna sta molto bene come l’hai abbinato tu. Io ci vedrei bene un top fantasia, magari a righe!


  4. No, you’re not the last one to make a Colette pattern! I have yet to jump on the bandwagon. This skirt is beautiful. Both the colour and the fabric caught my eye. And your scallops look perfect.


  5. I just made the Meringue, too, over the weekend, folding in the scallops and leaving out the front darts (more to do with body shape than sizing). Anyway I really like this combo, neutral + scallops. A way to bunch up an otherwise staid color — I need to take a lesson, I live in basic colors!

    That said, I struggle with this color. I really want to love it because it’s so versatile (like a car coat, so classic) but it’s always just close enough to my skintone that it’s problematic and makes me look icky. It looks just dark enough for you and I imagine it’d look best paired with deep colors (and fabulous with black tights!).


  6. Cute skirt! I think the color is really classic. It isn’t a color I would wear as a top (the color washes out my face), but as a skirt, I think it is great!


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