Draped top by Paco Peralta

Finally here is the draped top I have been working on… I finished it three weeks ago but it took me longer than expected to take pictures and finally post them here.

I am following the Pattern Review format so I can cover all the info instead of blabbing away 🙂


Pattern Description:
Draped top with cap sleeves and V inset. Zipper at the center back

Pattern Sizing:
S-L I made a size M.


Were the instructions easy to follow?
Although the pattern doesn’t include instructions, I followed the Draped Top instructions Paco posted on his blog. I highly reccomend following the sequence he suggests because the result is much better. I didn’t when I made the muslin so I can tell. And remember to sew the bias binding before sewing the side seams…someone (shame on me!) forgot and had to patch it up.
The only part I struggled with has been the yoke. I couldn’t remember the best way to assemble it to avoid its bulging up…I kept on looking for ways to sew a V neck but eventually found the answer at Sewaholic (I am sure Paco would have kindly replied to my enquiries but I didn’t want to bother him for something so trivial…and admit to a pro like him how much I still have to learn)

As for the hem finishing, Paco and his haute couture tutorial came to the rescue. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually so the neat hemline.

The zipper top is not perfect…although I had used the technique for my flared skirt here I simply forgot…It’s a shame since I even found a color-matching zipper!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I have been wanting to make a draped top for a couple of years and this was just the perfect pattern. I love the original V inset.

The cut is very flattering at the side seams…not those boxy tops but a more feminine top.

I loved the challenge of sewing with silk. To be honest ironing it was a pain (you can see some imperfections), however the finished product feel on the skin is great.

Fabric Used:

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Not much. I took the side seams in by 1/2 inch. I lenghtened the hemline. The pattern includes a 2 inch hem. I basically hemmed it for a total 1/2 inch.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes…as the warm weather comes round I hope to find more great silk to make another top. If you ever wanted to try sewing with “slippery fabrics” this pattern is a great starting point. Paco put together a tutorial for that.

A bonus is the pattern paper used in this pattern: it’s not the brown flimsy paper but sturdy paper which to me is much better.

This is my first Paco Peralta pattern and I am really happy I waited for this top to be released before buying it with the Unique Jacket Pattern. It’s a simple yet unique top.

By the way: I have just noticed the draped top pattern is 50% off this weekend…have a look if you like. What a funny coincidence.

And now back to my Couture Dress muslin! I wish you a stress-free sewing weekend.

14 thoughts on “Draped top by Paco Peralta

  1. What a beautiful addition to your wardrobe! I’m particularly impressed with the details and the silk. Like you, I’m hoping to sew with more silk in the future. Amy of Sew Well is making this pattern, too, I think 🙂


  2. Gorgeous! This pattern is next up for me. But, I’ve been a bit nervous about cutting into my nice silk, so I’ve allowed myself to get distracted with a wool dress. My goal is to have it done before the end of the month, but seeing your version makes me even more excited to get to it sooner!


  3. Muchas gracias Silvia, está fabuloso de veras. Has hecho un gran trabajo. Estas telas son muy difíciles de dominar. Yo quiero hacer un tutorial para hacer el top en satén de seda incorporando un “underlining” de organza. Lo hice para una clienta y quedó muy bien.

    Saludos y buen fin de semana !!


  4. I’m usually not a big fan of cap sleeves but somehow it works. Maybe it’s the cowl neck that makes it. And I love the color! Can’t wait to see what is next from you!


  5. I love it – the colour, the shape, it’s just perfect. Thanks for pointing us to the tutorials you used – I’ll be sure to check them out when I get my act together to sew my own.


  6. Hola Silvia, thanks for your comment on my draped top and skirt! Before I sewed my top I did a search and I remember seeing yours and loving the color, gorgeous blue! Plus it matches your eyes 🙂 As for the neckline variations, yes, I used brooches to keep them all in place. For the photo it is easy enough to just sit perfectly still but when wearing them for real the blouse moves too much without a brooch. For the one you liked (top right corner) I actually used a pair of earrings, since I wanted them to match and I don’t have two identical brooches. That is why they are too small to be visible in the photo. I have to say that my fabric is a heavier wool blend, so it doesn’t get permanent marks from a brooch. I am not sure if your beautiful silk would be ok after too much pinning… once I went to a conference where they used magnetic snaps for the name cards, perhaps a solution like that but with a pretty brooch would work for your silk?


  7. Love your top. I made it earlier in the year out of silk charmeuse. However, I found that I could pull it on over my head without the zipper. Just a thought!


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