Walk on the Alps – Passeggiata sulle Alpi

It’s time to publicly confess that I didn’t do any sewing this week…shame on me! I completed my jeans over the weekend and then nothing. Although I plan to resume next week I decided I needed a break.

So, here I am showing you some pictures from some of my non-sewing interests: walking on the Alps.

E’ ora di confessare davanti a tutte che non ho cucito nulla questa settimana… vergogna! Ho finito i jeans nel weekend e poi nulla. Anche se ricomincero’ la prossima settimana, ho deciso che avevo bisogno di una pausa.

Quindi, eccomi qui a farvi vedere delle foto di un altro mio passatempo: camminare sulle Alpi.

Although I don’t go walking as much as I would, I tend to walk rather fast… colleagues recognize me from my fast pace. And I even found the perfect fitness training for me, H.E.A.T. Program, that simulates mountain walking and really pushes you to the limit.

You can see me in the picture (I know it’s not a steep path, but got steeper later!)
Anche se non vado a camminare spesso, ho il passo veloce… i colleghi mi riconoscono dal passo. E ho anche trovato l’esercizio che fa per me, l’H.E.A.T., che simula il cammino in montagna ed ti mette alla prova.

Ci sono anche io nella foto (Lo so il percorso e’ piano…ma poi c’e’ la salita!)

The lake was an unexpected surprise…especially because I could sit down!

Trovare un lago e’ stata una piacevole sorpresa…soprattutto perché mi sono finalmente seduta!

The scenery on the Alpe Devero is breathtaking

Il paesaggio dell’Alpe Devero e’ davvero mozzafiato

How do you spend your non-sewing time?
Cosa fate di bello quando non cucite?

6 thoughts on “Walk on the Alps – Passeggiata sulle Alpi

  1. That looks like an amazing walk! If we had scenery like that, I would definitely get out and walk more! When I’m not sewing or knitting, I really enjoy cooking!


  2. If I lived near the Alps, I’d certainly spend more time hiking! I’ve walked a bit in the Swiss Alps -nothing’s quite so beautiful.

    With sewing, we exercise our fingers and brains, but it’s good to get outside and exercise the rest of us, too!


  3. Gorgeous! But all of your photos are gorgeous — my city is, sadly, not very photo friendly. 🙂 I was on sewing burnout lately, so I’ve been … knitting!


  4. Since I’ve never been to Europe (and probably never will) I adore your pictures of the scenery and places you live by.

    Keep sharing! Sewing is just one part of your life, and I love seeing the culture, architecture and landscape of your world.


  5. Great photos – thanks for sharing! When I’m not sewing or knitting, I walk. I have a gym membership but much prefer to get outside. Mr. Stitch and I like to get out of the city and go for hikes in the woods; however, the view is quite different over here as there are no mountains in Ontario!


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