La Dolce Vita Dress

La dolce vita Dress

Remember the dress I wanted to make for my friends wedding? Here is the muslin…meet my new La Dolce Vita Dress.
La dolce vita Dress

Qualche tempo fa avevo pensato di cucire questo modello per andare al matrimonio di un’amica…questa era in realta’ la prova… che alla fine e’ diventato il vestito La Dolce Vita

La dolce vita Dress

And by now you are probably wondering where I live
Forse vi chiederete dove abito…ecco qui la mia casa

A Princess needs a castle right? ;o)

Ci vuole un castello per la Principessa, no? ;o)

La dolce vita Dress
Getting out of church
All’uscita dalla chiesa

Chiesa Intra

La dolce vita Dress
Walking around the streets that feel like those 50s movies

A passeggio per le strade dall’aria anni 50.

La dolce vita Dress
And playing silly!

E’ divertente scherzare

La dolce vita Dress
Window shopping just like a Diva

A spasso tra le vetrine come una Diva

La dolce vita Dress
Since it was meant to be a muslin, I simply serged the pleats and sleeves…boy the folding took ages

Visto che doveva essere un vestito di prova ho rifinito le pieghe e le maniche con la taglia e cuci… ci ho messo un secolo a fare le pieghe!

La dolce vita Dress
And finally after the photo shoot it’s time to relax with an Italian aperitivo

E dopo le foto, il meritato riposo con l’aperitivo

As you can see I have been enjoying taking pictures this past weekend and I have grown to love this dress that was meant to be worn in public. I certainly could have never drafted this pattern without my instructor’s help and even more so without the beautiful work from Lizarietz that I wish I could afford to buy someday.
La dolce vita Dress

Mi sono divertita a posare nelle foto e alla fine mi sono innamorata di questo vestito “fuori programma”. Certamente non sarei mai riuscita a realizzare il modello senza l’aiuto del mio insegnante e ancor meno senza il lavoro di Lizarietz. Mi piacerebbe potermi permettere i suoi lavori un giorno.

My dear ladies, this is my first attempt to translate my blog. It’s something I have been meaning to do for a long time. But I would like your opinion.
Shall I keep the two texts separate or is it ok for you that I mix up the two languages?
I have been dithering and I certainly don’t want to disrupt your reading. So please just let me know.

10 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita Dress

  1. Cute dress! And I love that you have both languages written. Italian looks so complicated (to learn), but it is so lovely to hear.

    I’m going to tell myself you are teasing about the house you live in. I’d be too jealous thinking you really live in a gorgeous mansion on the lake – like a movie star!

    What a great life you have! Keep on sewing!


  2. Beautiful dress, and self-drafted, too! It looks lovely on you. 🙂 I really like your photos – ah, Italian streets and food. Mortadella. Yum.

    Please do keep up the Italian translation. I’ve been meaning to learn (more than the couple of words I know) for ages. I’m actually ok with reading comprehension – three years of Latin classes and five of French must have left an impression – but who knows, I may actually pick up (and remember) some more words… 🙂


  3. The dress looks incredibly comfortable, and it looks great on you! Love it! I also love the translation. I’ve thought about doing that, since I have several friends who use Google translator to read my blog in Spanish. Hmm. We’ll see!

    I ran across your blog via SITS and am looking forward to reading more! Nice to “meet” you!


  4. Wow, it is great! So chic, what a successful muslin! I honestly think that the overlocked edges look appropriate with the dress too. Lovely shots, and kudos to you for translating!


  5. What a great dress — so impressive! It looks like it fits you perfectly 🙂 And you make me wistful for beautiful places.


  6. Lovely dress and looks great on you. Absolutely love the Italian translation – keep it coming! I thought about doing the same when I recently started my own blog (with Spanish, not Italian) but never went through the trouble.


  7. Lovely dress – you look so fresh!
    I also enjoy the two languages – although I only know a little Italian I like to pretend I can understand what you have written, and feel inspired to practice my language skills a little!


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