Me and my sewing space: behind the scenes

I have been mumbling over this post, dithering… but then I thought it would be nice to show some down-to-earth pictures of my sewing space, the Sewing Princess in her down to earth sewing life… It’s a bit like the stars without make-up articles you find on magazines… Or like Ms Kate Middleton before she was to become Mrs Prince William.

This is a picture of me in my sewing space a couple of days ago….Don’t scream please!!!

And now… foire aux question (which is the cute French expression for FAQ)… These are some questions I thought you would be wanting to ask…and that don’t come through in the picture. If you have any more questions, just ask.

Do you have a dedicated sewing space?

I wish so… the sewing area you see is not a separate room actually sits in the middle of the living room! The table is our dining table… but luckily we have another one in the kitchen, where we eat. This and my partner’s patience is what allows me to have a semi-permanent studio right in the middle of the flat.

Where do you store your supplies?

I would love to reply: everything is neatly organised in one dedicated sewing closet… but my supplies are spread between two sections of a closet. I first tried to organize my fabric in one large plastic box

Ikea Samla box

but that was unpractical… I nearly broke my back trying to lift it to take out some fabric (I never realized how heavy fabric can get!). So now I am on to organizing fabric by type in smaller recycled boxes…but I am not quite there yet.

Smaller Samla box

As for my bits and bobs, like zippers, threads, elastic and other notions, they sit in another box with an insert

Ikea insert for Samla

Then I store another box and the small cabinet that came with my machine on the bookshelf you see in the picture. And I store my serger cones in another cardboard box (I only have few).
Ah, the books I own are on the bookshelf…I guess that’s ok ;O)

Where do you store your patterns?
They are also in the lower part of the bookshelf (trying to keep them out of sight). I use classification folders like these. I was planning to make use of some color coding, but I haven’t managed. Mainly because I bought all the colors I liked and I am putting more than one pattern in each folder! 
Where do you store your sewing machine and serger?
The sewing machine goes in a closet inside its own bag. As for the serger, I cover it with its plastic cover (that you see on the chair in the picture) and then it goes on another small bookshelf.

What project were you working on in the picture?
I was making some drawstring bags for a friend of mine. They will be store her fancy cutlery.

Well, as you can see there’s not much glamour and certainly I need to improve. But I am certainly enjoying my space and being able to leave everything out for most of the week.

And now it’s on to you… Share your Me and my sewing space on your blog and add a link here. I would certainly need some inspiration and it would also be nice to get to know your creative “without make-up” area. Or simply ask me questions.

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  1. Hi, I was trying to take a time to make some photos of my sewing room, but I was not able to do it, them I remembered I made some for the Spring Stash-busting at t-shirt diaries Here they are:-)


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