Sleeveless Pollini dress

Sleeveless Pollini Dress

When I first discovered Burda Style I started looking through all projects light a mad person… so much inspiration all in one place, so many patterns, so many amazing crafters… I felt I was in heaven.

I started to bookmark all projects hoping to make them someday… but the sheer amount makes it impossible to sew in a lifetime (do you ever get that feeling? please, tell me I am not the only one).

So, I decided to be very selective… and I started with a fashion designer project the Almost Pollini Dress. Hoping I would feel like those models on the catwalk when wearing my new dress. (ok, enough for daydreaming)

Curved lines

For those of you who like getting details aboutin fashion history, Pollini is one of the oldest Italian fashion houses. It was founded at the turn of the 20th century as a shoes business. The brand initially became popular thanks to its proximity to popular beach destinations like Rimini and Bellaria on the Adriatic Sea (that are the equivalent of the Jersey shore and Atlantic city in the US). The brand expanded through the 60s and 70s widening its scope to ready-to-wear, opening stores throughout the world and getting contracts with Gucci, Tivioli, Regina Schrecker, Gattinoni, Erica Massei, Blumarine and Timmy, Alberta Ferretti and Narciso Rodríguez.

Whoa, that’s a great brand! I must admit I was not aware of all this before sewing the dress ;o)
What caught my attention for the dress where the simple yet innovative lines, classic but modern. I find this is a distinstinctive trait of Italian designs.

Believe it or not, the pattern was drafted by altering a basic skirt and bodice sloper… It’s impressive.

Sewing it was fairly easy… except I was a bit careless in checking the print outs and I didn’t notice that I had actually enlarged the pattern and had to spend extra time adjusting it… it really tought me a lesson!

Empire waist

And of course it was quicker because I didn’t have enough fabric to sew the sleeves and decided to make it sleeveless.

I also want to share with you a little behind the scenes on this project: I was lucky enough to get the pattern before Ale.b took it down some time ago, so I was able to adjust it to my size and sew it. I must admit it is a pity she took it down… because it’s a really beautiful dress… but I understand her reasons. I tried to contact her, but had no luck.

Hand-sewn hem

But I would like to give back to the sewing community… so if you would like to sew this dress, I would be happy to give you some tips on how to make a pattern yourself.

And if you like Italian patterns and would like to get a free book on patternmarking, download the largest file of this gem Il Modellismo, Istituto Burgo Milano

On a closing note… look at those Pollini shoes…though I am not a fan of pink… I love them… Wouldn’t they be great with my new dress? ;o) A girl can never have too many shoes.

Pollini Studio Shoes (source:

Do you have a favourite fashion designer? Where do you get your sewing inspiration?