Winter in bloom tops

Winter in bloom top

Winter is approaching faster than ever… I can see snow all over the mountains surrounding where I live… Morning temperatures have dropped.

So it’s time to liven up my wardrobe with a few quick fixes. Having seen the flower craziness in the blogosphere, I couldn’t get those flowers out of my head. I actually started making fabric flowers with my Lake Orta Romance Rings and I found it a really cool way to use up my fabric scraps.

I had two tops in my wardrobe that could use some embellishing… the black top seemed too plain to me so I made a flower brooch using Trey and Lucy tutorial and scrap fabric from the Betsy Jacket I made some weeks ago. Since the flower is rather big, I used two pins to make sure it didn’t fall over. The great thing about using pins is that I can use the same flower on another top or skirt or even a blazer

Then I went on covering up a stain on my beloved Massimo Dutti T-shirt. Using the same technique as in my Lake Orta Romance Rings I sewed a few fabric flowers, again using scraps. What was great about these flowers is that I used irregular scraps, e.g. not rectangles, just funny shapes and I was still able to achieve the desired result.
I can’t wait to make some more flowers… I recently got some mustard linen and can’t wait to make flowers… maybe for a collar, a corsage or a belt.
IMG_0871So, go ahead and make some flowers too… it’s easy, rewarding and scrap-friendly. I would love to see yours.

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