Ruffly T-shirt refashion

Ruffly T-shirt refashion

Signing up for Wardrobe Refashion pledge has been a blessing!

Damaged t-shirt

It took me a year to figure out how to refashion this T-shirt and literally a couple of days after taking my pledge… I got the inspiration.

I had this brand-new T-shirt with a damaged iron-on design (one of those that are not meant to be washed). I couldn’t remove it anymore, though.
So, I decided to use a scrap fabric I had from a project I am working on. It’s about one meter long.

Here are the steps:

Fabric scrap

I gave it a narrow shape in the middle, 5 cm wide, and a wider rounded shape at the ends (about 15 cm wide).

Using the longest stitch setting, I sewed 3 pairs of stiches vertically along the lenght, 5 cm apart. The two lines in each pair are 2 cm apart.

The thin part has only one pair of stitches. The widest two more pairs.


Then I ruffled up the fabric, pulling from the lowest tread.

Ruffles on T-shirt

I pinned the fabric down on the T-shirt and gave it a shape I liked.

Then I sewed along the fabric, in between each pair of stitches.

To give the fabric more stability and ensure it stayed put, I stitched some parts by hand.

(I realize now I should have taken pictures of the entire project… if you have any questions, let me know)

The whole project was rather quick… about one hour.

So if you are looking for a quick refashion…this could be an option.

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