A-line dress with a 70’s flare

Here is my second project for the summer essentials sew-along… my A-line dress with a 70’s flare… and this is why it deserves a Polaroid picture… (look below for the actual colors)

This dress started with me falling in love with the fabric despite the fact that it was meant for home-dec projects. So, I had to devise a project that would fit this special type of fabric.

A-line dress front

Given the large print, I thought an A-line dress would do. In fact the fabric is rather stiff. So I set to start on what I thought would be a quick afternoon project.

But then the first complication came about… Believe it or not I didn’t have any ready-made pattern for such a dress.

Lesson learned 1: easy projects often turn out to be the most complicated

So, I decided to draw my own. The first attempt was not so good… I drew a diagonal line down from my armpit… That was a no, no with such a stiff fabric. It was way too large. I then went on to my second attempt…

Lesson learned 2: stiff fabric will stay stiff, curved lines can help

By that time the evening had gone by and my dress was ready… but it really looked a wide A-line.

I let it hang in my closet for a few days… tried it on again and again… but still I wasn’t convinced. I was so annoyed a dress with such a nice fabric was destined to be something I wouldn’t wear around outside because I didn’t feel so confortable with the shape.

Finally, after load of playing I had an idea… I decided to make some pleats that would allow me to still make the most of the design and yet make it more of a shape I would wear.

A-line dress back

The stiffness of the fabric this time helped… I sew two pleats pleats at the center front and back, at waist level, then iron them in place. This has allowed the fuller part of my body to still have enough room…

Then I made two additional short vertical pleats on the sides, at waist level.

Of course, I had to add a side zipper as well.

Lesson learned 3: a weak point can eventually turn out to be a positive thing given the right context.

So, here is the story behind my A-line dress with 70’s flare. I am really happy I can now wear this dress.

Have you ever experienced something similar? What is the hidden story behind your project?

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  1. Love this pattern, I have a similar style of overdress that I purchased in India and have worn it over leggings and slim pants. I am going to copy the pattern and I think that your selection of a strong print will work very well.


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