My first La Mia boutique project: Top 16 05/2013


It’s official: I sewed my first La Mia Boutique pattern. It’s the top from the gorgeous 05/2013 issue.

I was determined to sew at least one pattern from the magazine over the summer…a knit top seemed to be the easiest and quickest. The fabric comes from my stash…they are left overs from previous projects (some of you may remember the Billy Cardi from 2011) I knew from the start this jersey would be too thick for such a pleated knit top fabric, but I wanted to use what I had. Plus, not having made any La Mia Boutique patterns before I wasn’t sure about the fit. Next time I would choose a lighter knit fabric for sure.

The color-blocked back was due to pure necessity (a.k.a. not enough green fabric)


I cut a size 42 and didn’t add any seam allowances (like Burda patterns, no seam allowances are included on LMB). Since I used my serger I knew this would be a safe bet. The length is just fine…I like a slightly longer tops. Certainly I could have also removed 1 inch or more as it falls right on my hips.

The pleats were nicely marked so I had no troubles sewing them. Certainly the stable knit also helped.

The instructions were quite clear to follow, except I had some troubles with the terminology. I use a lot of English patterns and I generally never bother with Burda in Italian. I simply couldn’t picture in my head the pattern piece name in Italian when reading what to do. They kept on speaking about ‘Sprone’ (the technical term referring to the top bodice part and its lining too) and explaining how the shoulder seams should be put together…I could just not picture it. As I said it’s quite likely my own fault. In any case, I used a different construction method. It’s certainly not perfect as I didn’t encase the shoulder seams. If you are interested I will update this post in the coming days with details.


Wondering why I chose this unusual backdrop for my picture? I was just walking around as saw this Italian ATM machine…and thought it would be fun to show you what they look like in Italy.

Bancomat is the overarching term for ATM…so in case you need cash during your travels…here is where you can get some (you need to insert your own card…unfortunately they are not that generous to just hand out cash! I wish)


And while walking around on a side street in Rome near the Vatican I had to laugh when I saw a Martino Midali store…remember the orange jacket pattern from La mia boutique September issue that many of you liked so much? This is his store. I tried hard to take a picture of the shop window but there was too much glare (and you can see our reflection in the pic). The interior looked cool too, but it was too early and they were still closed.


 On a totally different style…this is Roberto Cavalli‘s store window and his Winter collection. Though I somehow like the dress print…I am seriously hoping neither Burda, nor La mia boutique nor any independent pattern designers include the yellow fur coat pattern in their winter lineup…though I remember Burda made a similar attempt last year! So I am really worried now!

It goes without saying that I would not wear the shoes either…I am very ticklish;)

Just want to mention that if you like the yellow fur coat it’s ok with me, you can say so. As we discovered in my last post we have different likes and dislikes, and I find it great! I really want to encourage that on my blog 🙂

I’d like to leave you on a lighter note with this really funny video I just discovered: Why are you ticklish?

13 thoughts on “My first La Mia boutique project: Top 16 05/2013

  1. In Poland, it is called Bankomat. Never thought much about it. Never took money out from it since I expected husband to do so.

    Beside that point, it is an interesting knit top. I haven’t dare to use my only edition of boutique, but that may change in the future.


  2. 🙂 I like your cute new t-shirt. The pleats and drape are very pretty!
    In Germany it’s called Bankomat, too (although I don’t think they write the name on it – it just has the EC symbol).
    Heh, the fur coat! It’s hideous, but I can just see a model on the catwalk, wearing barely anything else but a hot neon fur coat and a pair of moon boots… 😀


  3. Cute top! Love the draped part!
    I also have a hard time with Italian terminology, and what’s worse, is that Burda and LMB use completely different words for the same thing. Ugh.


  4. Ciertamente , has conseguido una camiseta muy diferente y original, los pliegues son preciosos y los dos tonos de la tela la hacen un pieza única, que divertidas historias cuentas en tus post, me encanta leérte!


  5. Love it. Lovely colour combination and I actually thought at first that it was a dress. you could totally lengthen it into a dress. It’s hard to find cowl front stuff that’s just right i.e. not too deep and not to frumpy-this one’s perfect for you.


  6. Ooh, that’s a very cute top! It looks lovely and I adore the colours that you used. I could probably just about put a pattern together from French instructions but anything else I’d be at a complete loss! It’s fun to see the ATM too, it looks like it’s got a face to me!


  7. What a fun colour combo on this top. The neckline is quite cool and I like the fact that you simply sized up instead of dealing with adding the seam allowances. Good trick to keep in mind if I ever venture into my Patrones magazine patterns again!


  8. Even for people that like fur coats, surely no one would like a yellow one like that! I quite like the pattern, although it’s hard to tell from the line drawing that the sleeves extend down the shoulder.


  9. That looks like a cute and comfortable top. I also like the fact that you cut a size up to avoid putting in seam allowances…andI love the photo with the Bancomat! 🙂 I missed your review of LMB but enjoyed going through it now. I agree with you on the pants (Max Mara is my favourite Italian brand) and the green plus-sized dress is a win. I often think that the best designs in Burda magazines are the ones intended for plus-sized women. They tend to be classics with nice design details rather than fashion-forward but not very wearable styles. But that’s just my opinion. I’m curious about the Audrey feature in the next magazine, although I don’t think I’ve seen the magazine here in Canada (only in the supermarket in Florence!). Will have to search for it.


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