Paco Peralta’s Apron Skirt meets Tilly’s Marielle Skirt and goes to the Alps

Apron Skirt Paco Peralta


A few month’s ago Tilly published her Marielle Skirt pattern on Sewing World magazine. And for me it was love at first sight. Immediately I had the urge to buy it…but then I realized I already had a perfectly fitting pattern from a very experienced designer: Paco Peralta’s Apron Skirt that I made a few months ago I wasn’t going to risk having to fuss with fitting. Hope Tilly won’t mind…

Paco Peralta's Apron Skirt collage


I simply joined the apron pattern piece to the bottom part of the L-shaped sides. Continued the side front pattern straight down and there it was!  The horizontal bias binding sits at the waist line (2 inches/5 cms) from the top and it’s topstitiched. The two vertical lines are applied as flat piping and then top stitched.

BTW…that’s my ballerina pendant, a gift from my sis 😉

Apron Skirt Paco Peralta - relax


I considered adding bias binding at the back too…but then ruled against it fearing I would draw too much attention to my C-cup derriere. The fabric is a fairly thick cotton so there was no need for lining.

Detail Apron Skirt Paco Peralta


Despite my having sewn this skirt before I managed to make silly mistakes…Like deciding I didn’t need to cut the bias binding all the way down to the facing. It was actually a conscious decision, I can’t even call it a mishap.


Valles Sudtirol Italy

I hope you won’t mind some more photos of Valles. The Alps are so gorgeous in the summer and it was my first time seeing such a great scenery. I would wake up and see those cute houses with flowers on each balcony…it’s the local architecture. So different from anywhere else in Italy.  Mind you I am not a serious hiker and there are nice accessible walks where you can even take kids.

I am considering making another of Paco’s skirts…this time in denim with red top stitching or some red bias binding. What do you think?  Do you have any other styling suggestions?


11 thoughts on “Paco Peralta’s Apron Skirt meets Tilly’s Marielle Skirt and goes to the Alps

  1. WOW. The scenery is gorgeous. Your skirt turned out beautifully. The contrast is a really nice detail. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but do you know where your sister got you pendant? I know somebody who would LOVE to have one, and she has a birthday coming.


  2. The skirt looks great! The orange contrasting make it really interesting for the eye, but things are not overcrowded so it keeps the great clean lines.
    Looks like the Alps in Italy are equally stunning as those in France, but we have never yet been there for Summer holidays, so I only know the snowy scenery…
    BTW, I adore cows, so I’m glad you inserted a photo of one.


  3. This skirt is lovely. I think another version with red trim would be fabulous. I’ve never been to the Italian alps, but I have been to Switzerland, and loved the scenery. So dramatic!


  4. La falta te queda genial y me gusta mucho la cinta en contraste. A mi me daría pena llevar una falda tan bonita al monte pero he de reconocer que conforme voy aprendiendo a coser cada vez salgo más arreglada, aunque sea para ir a comprar pan.


  5. Such a cool skirt! I love the orange accent — and I definitely think another version with red would be great. I just saw your rectangle maxi dress — so cute! Of course, you were wearing the best shoes in those photos! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!


  6. Oh, cute! I really like the pop of colour against the dark background and the fit really is great on you. Plus, I really enjoyed the pictures of the scenery – thanks for sharing.


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