Ballerina on fire

This must be the most embarrassing photo shoot ever (just picture cars driving by, my neighbors possibly peeking through the windows)…and my publishing it online can only be a testament to how crazy I can sometimes be…especially considering that people normally consider me a pretty serious person!


Clearly no dancer should fear for their job! I was told this outfit looks like a 70s Disco Costumes….and I have to be thankful it’s quite modest if compared to those!

Dancewear back
I had to include a picture of the back view…flames on my derriere…I won’t say anymore!

Sewing details

Top: Easy cap sleeve tee by Jocole scoop neck version with 3/8 inch (1 cm) neck and sleeve bands. By the way I recently stopped using the twin needle and simply used a single row of elastic stitch…much less hassle but still nice results.
Pants: the lycra I found is quite tick so it was a breeze to work with. I added an elastic waistband because the pattern was sitting too low for my taste. I totally copied the pattern from the original pants.
The gold topstitching metallic thread was a total pain to sew…the thread kept on breaking despite my tweaking tension setting and trying every possible needle combination (except the metallic needle…) I used thin paper as backing instead of stabilizer which helped a little to make smoother stitches.

I really hope you will come back and read my blog again after this! Now I’d better go to my practice class…with my new outfit!

By the way….what do you think of my new banner? I am trying to do something different here but not sure what…

9 thoughts on “Ballerina on fire

  1. Well it doesn’t look that bad! Ok maybe you wouldn’t wear it to buy groceries, but it will look fine on stage. Flames on the bum are a little odd and gave me a chuckle. I think your dance poses look very professional. If I could get my legs into that position (I can’t) I would be stuck like that forever. The people driving the cars past were probably fascinated!


  2. Hehe! I made today a shoot in park and everybody was very interesting to look what I am doing there! I was so uncomfortable with this%))

    I like idea to buy groceries in this costume!%)) I like how it look on first picture, like one piece!


  3. Me estoy imaginando a tus vecinos mirando por la ventana…ja, ja, ja! Te ha quedado muy bien, no es cantaso es divertido, me gusta 🙂
    Menudas poses de bailarina, llevas muchos años bailando?


  4. Como yo tengo dos pies izquierdos me das unas envidia tremenda, posas como una bailarina auténtica. Ni caso a los vecinos, que tienes mucho arte.


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