50 Shades of Grey

Grey-mania has officially entered my household and my wardrobe! My target for this year is to have garments in  50 shades of grey in my closet 🙂 I already have 6 in this outfit (though you can’t see the knee highs I am wearing)

Welcome to my Maria Denmark Winnie wide-legged trousers! Some time ago Maria was looking for testers and I jumped in…I was eager to make trousers again and the pattern looked exactly what I needed… In the meantime Maria started her fit-n-sew along that I also joined  (and finished ahead of schedule because I couldn’t wait!).

The pattern didn’t require much alterations…I started out with a size 38 and took in the outseam and inner seam to a size 36. I also slightly deepened the back dart…and took the pants up by 5 inches… But I realised I should take them up even more.

With the extra fabric left I made the cowl you see around my neck… This is officially the cheapest ensemble I made…this great fabric cost me a 3 euros (4 USD) in Barcelona.

Though I may risk to sound totally uncool…but I have to make a true confession….until last week I did not hear about this 50 Shades of Grey book ever…what about you?

And more importantly…what’s your favorite color this season?

13 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey

  1. ¡Silvia, te quedan genial!, he de pasar por la página de Maria porque veo que estos pantalones sientan muy bien y en cualquier color estarán bien.
    La famosa novela no la he leido, las críticas la ponian fatal, sin embargo este verano todo el mundo la leia en el bus, metro y playa, no debe ser tan mala.


  2. Silvia, those trousers look amazing on you! I’ve heard such good things about this pattern that I’m tempted to give them a go… if I ever get over my fear of making pants. As for the novel, I heard about it last winter but never felt compelled to read it. I must confess grey is not a great colour on me (but it look so good on you!) and I seem to be drawn to hot pink these days. Crazy, eh?


  3. Niiiiice, you look so classy! They sit perfectly on you! I don’t think you’ve missed much if you have not heard about the book – it probably won’t be nominated for Pulitzer Price ^.^ As for my color for this season it’s yellow with its 50 shades and variations 🙂


  4. Oh my! These trousers are just spectacular. Such a great fit, and absolutely the perfect length. I love the grey on you…not a colour I can easily wear, sadly.
    As for the book…I’ve heard about it, but haven’t been inclined to read it. 😉


  5. Hehe, fun title! My bf has the book on his nightstand, but didn’t like it much. The outfit looks lovely, great fit and the colour really looks well on you! Congrats on making such a score with that fabric!


  6. You are doing such a great job as a seamstress!

    I am wearing a lot of gray this season too. Maybe it is being a dark brunette that makes it look so good for us?


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